How Traumatic Experiences in Childhood Effect Your Adult Life, Continued

PTSD treatment in Raleigh, NCThank you for joining us as we continue to explore the effects of childhood trauma on adult mental health. In our previous post, we explored the mental and physical challenges that a traumatic childhood poses. Whether it is difficulty due to PTSD, eating disorders, addiction, or forming relationships, traumatic experiences in childhood can have a large impact on adult life. As we continue to explore the correlation between the two, we will examine the way that childhood trauma affects the development of the brain. If you need PTSD treatment in Raleigh, NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Researchers know that being subjected to intense stress and trauma as a child can affect the way the brain and central nervous system forms. However, these conditions also affect the body's ability to create a healthy and fully functioning immune system. As the child matures and is exposed to stress, even normal levels, the physical and mental reaction to these experiences can be significant. These responses can seem disproportionate to the amount of stress or stimuli that the adult is confronted with. As a result, these adults find it challenging to cope and may have developed a pattern of dissociative behavior in their adolescent years. This dissociation can become a coping mechanism which leads to problems forming relationships, internalizing of emotions and exploration of harmful behaviors.

The traumatic environment also puts a strain on the development of the immune system. An underdeveloped immune system puts the adult at risk for health problems like cancer, lung disease, diabetes and chronic physical pain. This chronic physical pain may have no physical cause that can be determined. Some researchers believe that this is the body's response to a stunted immune system or a disjointed central nervous system connection. Other adults find that they become hypersensitive to light, sound or smell. Still more discover that they lack the ability to detect touch or pain, a condition known as analgesia.

Coping with the emotional trauma of intense experiences of trauma, neglect, or abuse may result in the development of flashbacks during times of high stress or intense emotions. For some, these flashbacks are equivalent in and physical and emotional response as those who have severe PTSD. Sadness, anger, anxiety, trembling, crying, and shutting down are common physical reactions to this mental overload. These episodes may result in significant anxiety, anger or depression. Conversely, others may experience emotional numbing, which shuts down all emotional reactions in high stress or highly emotional situations. The danger is that those who experience emotional numbing are more likely to experience trauma, abuse or neglect and become victims again.

Holistic Depression and PTSD Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Overcoming childhood trauma can be a lifelong journey for some. Learning new coping mechanisms and how to handle difficult or intense emotions is part of your mental health therapy here at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh. Together with our expert therapists and clinicians, you will discover the root of your mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. Whether you struggle to maintain meaningful relationships, have depression, PTSD, or severe anxiety, your therapist will guide you through identifying and coping with the experiences and emotions.

Our holistic approach to mental health therapy focuses on you. Utilizing alternative therapies like inner child work, equestrian therapy, sound therapy, and EMDR allows our clients to confront the issues that manifest in their lives. Your care team will help you choose the right therapies to meet your treatment goals and interests. Beginning your journey towards mental well-being starts with calling or clicking to connect with Legacy Freedom. Stop letting the trauma of your childhood run your life as an adult, reach out today and get the best PTSD treatment in Raleigh, NC!


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