How Traumatic Experiences in Childhood Effect Your Adult Life

Raleigh, NC Depression TreatmentOur formative years are the building blocks of our emotional development. However, a childhood that is filled with mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse can leave behind significant emotional and psychological trauma that can make creating relationships and maintaining a healthy level of self-esteem difficult. Adults who have had a traumatic childhood also struggle with anxiety, depression and emotional dysregulation. These issues make them unable to express complex emotions like anger appropriately and they may have challenges when it comes to regulating their emotions. Explosive outbursts, an inability to respond appropriately to sensory stimuli, and difficulty dealing with stress are all characteristics of a traumatic childhood. If you're searching for Raleigh, NC depression treatment, please call Legacy Freedom today!

When a child is affected by emotional, physical, mental, or sexual abuse their adult life is substantially altered. Adults who endured these experiences as children tend to struggle with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and even PTSD. Many adults who experienced a difficult childhood feel embarrassed or ashamed of the issues that have resulted from the struggles during their upbringing. Rarely do childhood traumas occur as a single event. The Centers for Disease Control conducted the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study and found that adults who experienced the targeted traumas experienced more than one at a time. The ACE study focused on the following areas of abuse:

  • Parental divorce or separation
  • Substance abuse in the household
  • Emotional neglect
  • Mental illness in the household
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Abuse of mother
  • Physical neglect
  • Sexual abuse

In the study, about two-thirds of the participants reported at least one of the ACE criteria. An astonishing 87 percent of those reported at least one additional circumstance, with 12.5 percent of participants reporting four or more. Long term studies of the individuals revealed that those who experienced two or more of the ACE criteria were more likely to engage in risky behaviors like promiscuity and drug use. They were also more likely to suffer physical ailments like chronic lung issues, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and shortened life spans.

Raleigh, NC Depression Treatment You Can Trust

If you, or someone you love, have experienced significant childhood trauma and are struggling to develop relationships as an adult, dealing with emotional trauma, or struggling with an eating disorder, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. We understand the guilt and shame you may feel when it comes to addressing the underlying reasons you medicate through food or substance abuse to cope with the lasting pain you feel. Our holistic approach to mental health makes you the focus, not your mental health needs.

Together with your therapist, you will discover the underlying causes of your PTSD, depression, anger issues, anxiety, or other mental health problems. By identifying the issues that cause these and other co-occurring mental illnesses, your therapist can help you learn new ways to cope. Through one-on-one talk therapy and group therapy, you will find the support you need to work through these complex issues.

Legacy Freedom also offers a variety of alternative Raleigh, NC depression treatment options for you to choose from. As you and your care team develop your care plan, you will have more than ten different therapies available to you. Choose from therapies like adventure therapy, equine therapy, inner child therapy or acupuncture. Your care team can help you select the right treatment to meet your specific interests and therapeutic goals.

Asking for help and confronting your painful past can be difficult. Our highly trained staff is here to help and guide you through your therapy process. Stop letting old traumas rule your life and connect with Legacy Freedom today! Your journey to healing begins with a call or click to our care team. What are you waiting for? We can help you with best Raleigh, NC depression treatment.

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