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Mental Health Facilities in Raleigh, NCAs busy as our lives are, people always seem to find time to play on their phones. Whether you are checking your bank balance, scrolling through social media, blasting colorful candies, or texting with friends, your phone is never far away. Mental health professionals know this, and that is why more and more apps geared towards improving your mental health are showing up in the app store. Some of these apps are better than others for helping you manage symptoms, track moods, or learn coping methods on the go. Here are some good mental health apps that are worth checking out. If you're searching for mental health facilities in Raleigh, NC, we hope you'll consider Legacy Freedom. Please call us to learn more.

PTSD Coach

Developed by the National Center for PTSD, this app is designed to educate those who know very little about PTSD and help those who struggle with the condition. For those who struggle with mild to moderate PTSD, this application can be helpful for self-assessment and maintaining coping skills. Easy to understand tips and the ability to find treatment resources make this a great pick for those with PTSD. If you are struggling with a more severe form of PTSD seeking one-on-one help is recommended.

Panic Relief

Designed to help you move through and manage your panic attacks, this app includes instruction on different relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, and square breathing.


This tool helps those with mild depression, anger management issues, and anxiety to change their unhealthy thought patterns through self-monitoring and improve their mental state through mood-boosting activities.


For those who are looking to establish a meditation routine, Headspace is an easy to use app that focuses on relaxation, concentration, meditation practice, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practice. Concepts are explained through a series of animations, informative podcasts, and demonstrative videos. The app is ideal for those with depression, OCD, PTSD, and anxiety who are already working with a therapist and need a tool outside of their appointment time.


Using exercises and games in the app, individuals work on increasing their mindfulness and positive emotions. After completing an initial assessment, users are suggested different tracks to focus on within the app. These tracks can include various goals like increasing fitness, coping with chronic pain, improving relationships, and reducing worry.


From the National Center for Telehealth & Technology comes an application that teaches users how to manage stress and use breathing techniques to overcome PTSD, anxiety, and stress. Personal charts help you map your progress. Videos and articles are provided for users to understand concepts. This is an ideal app for those who need help utilizing breathing techniques as a part of their mental health treatment.

Anxiety Reliever

Track your anxiety symptoms and learn ways to relax through this intuitive app. Users can personalize their interface and save frequent symptoms for quick tracking.

T2 Mood Tracker

With a unique graphing feature, users can track their emotional state and the changes they experience over time. The stored data translates into an easy to understand graph that can be shared with a mental health professional or used to record the information for yourself. This app is useful for those who struggle with traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress, or sleep disorders.

Affordable Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in Raleigh, NC

While these apps can put mental health help in the palm of your hand, they are not intended to replace talking with a mental health professional. Do you feel like you need support for your mental or emotional state? Learn more about mental health therapy with Legacy Freedom of Raleigh on our blog or call or click to connect with our care team today!

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