Top Dry Colleges and Universities

Asheville NC alcohol rehabIs your teen looking to go off to college in the next year or two? If so, the search for the best college might have already begun. Exploring opportunities and finding the best campus and education can be exciting.

What many parents don't think about, when sending their kids off to college, is the possibility of alcohol abuse and how quickly things can turn bad for a freshman, no matter how bright their future may seem. Over the course of the past few blog posts we've been talking about college students and how quickly drinking habits can form, as well as other information related to addiction and alcohol abuse on college campuses.

Today, we are going to continue discussing this matter by compiling a list of the top dry college campuses in the U.S. That way, you'll be sure to consider these as an option when you and your teen are choosing the right school for them. If your child needs Asheville NC alcohol rehab, call Legacy Freedom today.

According to a study from the Princeton Review, the top five “stone-cold sober schools” in the nation are:

  • Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. For 17 years running, this school is faithful to its no alcohol rules. Those looking to major in agriculture, medical or sociology might consider this university.
  • Wheaton College in Chicago Illinois. In order to attend this small Christian college, students must sign a “community covenant” that commits them to refraining from smoking and drinking during their time spent living on campus.
  • US Military Academy West Point in West Point NY is a military school with education focused students. West Point doesn't tolerate partying or binge drinking at all. The main focus of this school lies within education and becoming generals and admirals in the military.
  • Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers a great liberal arts degree and doesn't tolerate drinking or partying, especially when it interferes with education.
  • Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula California is a Catholic school that offers one of the best liberal arts programs in the country.

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