Tips for Women Getting Over a Relationship

drug rehab in columbusIf you've been following our blog recently, we've been talking at length about how to deal with getting over a relationship that has ended. Today we are going to continue with the discussion, except we will be focusing on the specific needs of women. Women and men deal with breakups a little differently, but both do go through some similar situations.

Below you'll find tips that women can use to help deal and cope positively with breaking up with a loved one.

Tips for Taking Your Life Back

Deep Cleansing - The first thing you should do is cleanse your home, phone, tablet, car, office, etc. Wherever you keep pictures of you and him, or other keepsakes, it's time to pack them up or throw them away. Nothing worse than waking up every day to see pictures of how happy you both were a year ago doing something fun. The same goes for every aspect of your daily life. If you have surrounded yourself with pictures and reminders, then you are going to be miserable.

This can be tough to do, especially if you are emotional and sentimental, because removing all of these items from your daily life can represent finality. Dealing with the reality of the end can be tough for some people.

Unfriending - Another way to cleanse your life of your ex is to unfriend him, his friends, and his family on all of your social media accounts. There really is no need for this group to have any more access to your social life, and you should cut the cord to theirs as well. By staying friends with his friends and family on social media, you run the risk of still being influenced by your ex. You are allowing them to have a certain power over your emotions. Face it, you want to stay friends with this group because it will allow you to stay somewhat connected to your ex, see what they are doing, and use it as an excuse to feel upset, depressed or angry.

Self Bashing - You have to stop beating yourself up. Negative thoughts only make you feel worse. Regardless of whether you were at fault or not, you cannot self bash forever. You have to forgive yourself, and your ex, and project positive thoughts about the things you do have. Keep all of this in perspective. There are people out there with far worse problems then your relationship issues.

Say No to Substance Abuse - Whatever you do, do not turn to drinking and drugs to cope with your broken heart. Using and drinking might seem like a great short term solution, but you're only running from your problems and not really fixing anything. Drinking and using can also make you feel worse about the situation. Depressants, for instance, can sometimes create more anxiety, make you have panic attacks, and bring on bouts of sadness and depression. Furthermore, recreational drug use can also turn into dependence, and even addiction for some.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Columbus OH for Women

If you've turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with a breakup, maybe it's time to get some help. You can count on Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers to give you the support you need. We offer holistic alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus to help with your recovery. Our customized treatment plans meet the needs of the individual, not the bottom line. We don’t believe in a “cookie cutter” approach and that’s why we have a proven record of success. We offer alternative and holistic therapies in order to provide the best treatment plan in dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Call our Columbus addiction treatment center today to talk with an admissions counselor.

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