Tips for Staying Sober This Halloween

alcohol rehab in columbus OHFor most people Halloween marks the start of the holiday season. The holidays are a time some addicts dread because these five months can be full of triggers that can lead to a relapse situation. Halloween in particular is a social holiday. This often means that this holiday goes hand-in-hand with alcohol. After all, Halloween is a time for people to be daring, let loose, and be someone or something different for a night.

When you take all of these conditions into consideration, it's no wonder why Halloween can be hard for those in recovery. This is especially true since drinking is often seen by many young people as the only vehicle to having a good time. There are plenty of ways that you can stay sober this year. Keep reading to see how.

Stay Sober This Halloween

There are many ways that a recovering addict can stay sober this Halloween. The first step is to make a plan and involve your support network. Figure out where your high trigger zones will be and try to avoid them. Tell everyone in your support system about your plan and let them know that you might be calling for support if you wind up in a bad situation. You should also include your sober friends in your plans and invite them out with you. There is strength in numbers, after all, and having your support system with you will lessen the amount of peer pressure you'll have to endure as the night goes on.

If you find yourself going out with your friends that do drink, don't let it get you down. Let them know that you would be glad to be their designated driver. Taking over the role of DD is a perfect excuse to stay sober. It is also a great way to ensure everyone's safety.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 52 percent of all national fatalities from 2007-2011 occurring on Halloween night involved a drunk driver. Since Halloween is a social holiday, it is typical for many young people to be out consuming alcohol. Having a DD is crucial to lowering the risk of being involved in a fatal crash.

You might find that going out on Halloween might just be too much for you to handle. If so, there is an easy option that you can choose so that you're not alone. All you have to do is throw your own sober party. Invite all of your sober friends, your neighbors, and even their kids if you want to have a family friendly event. Inviting the kids will help reduce the chances of someone bringing alcohol to your party, especially if you make it known that your party is kid friendly and dry on your invitations.

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