Tips for Staying Sober on Halloween

alcohol rehab Asheville NCHalloween is a spooky fun evening that people of all ages enjoy. Unfortunately, the holiday has a bad rep when it comes to those that are older than 18. Most young adults, and even older adults, spend the evening partying the night away, drinking or using drugs. Thankfully, there are several ways to have fun without worrying about being exposed to substance abuse. If you need alcohol rehab Asheville NC services, please call Legacy Freedom now!

Below, you'll find several tips that will help you enjoy a sober Halloween night with friends!

Stay Sober This Halloween

People Watching - If you live in a neighborhood or dormitory, consider taking the evening to people watch. You'll see tons of great costumes. Pack a picnic and take a few friends outdoors to spend time watching those that venture off into the night.

Trick or Treat - You might be too old, but who cares!? Get your friends to dress up with you and go trick-0r-treating. You'll have a blast and have tons of candy to show for it! Once you're done, go back home, pig out on candy and watch Halloween movies the rest of the evening.

Movie Night - Get all your friends together for a sober night in watching Halloween movies. Have everyone bring a festive snack, as well. Spending the evening watching scary movies is a great way to celebrate the holiday without joining in and partying like many others do!

Host a Sober Party - Who says you can't have a Halloween party? Get all your friends together and party the night away dancing, playing games and hanging out. You can dress up and have a great night without drugs or alcohol! Just remind everyone that it's a sober event so they'll be sure to leave the booze at home.

Be the DD - If you're comfortable going to Halloween parties that will offer drugs or alcohol, choose to be the designated driver. This way, you won't be tempted to drink or do drugs while you're there. Make sure you have a supportive sober friend to help you stay substance free, as well. It's easier when you have someone you can trust to help you say no. It's also easier to say no when you have friends relying on you as a their ride home!

Haunted Trails and Houses - Bring out your inner kid and visit a few haunted places this Halloween. Be sure to select a group of friend you can trust to stay sober with you as you work your way through spooky houses or trails. You can also visit corn mazes, as well. It might take all night, but it could be a blast!

We hope these fun tips for staying sober this Halloween help you find something you're comfortable doing without drugs or alcohol. If you need a few more ideas, be sure to visit our next blog post, soon.

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