Tips to Stay Off Cigarettes

alcohol rehab Asheville NCHave you continually tried to quit smoking with no luck? Have you tried various types of nicotine replacement therapy to no avail? If so, it's time to consider the root cause of why you're smoking. Many times it's a matter of figuring out what causes you to smoke and why.

Below, you'll find several steps that you might find useful in your battle to stay smoke free. If you need drug and alcohol rehab Asheville NC services, please call Legacy Freedom now!

How to Kick Butts

Triggers – Just like with drug addiction, triggers are all around you. It could be people, places or situations that trigger your need for nicotine. Try to evaluate every situation you're in and try to find exactly what your triggers are. Knowing what causes your urges can help you prepare for cravings. In the beginning stages, it's a good idea to avoid triggers until you're able to better fight the cravings. This might be difficult but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Cravings – Again, just like for substance abuse users, urges are hard to fight; especially in the beginning stages of quitting. Being prepared to fight cravings is key. Take time to think about things you can do when an urge strikes. Deep breathing, taking a walk, eating hard candy or finding something to do with your hands are all possibilities to put on the list of things you can do. Don't get caught without a way to deal with these cravings. Otherwise you might find that you can't work past it.

Attitude – It's easy to lose sight of your positive mindset during the time that you're trying to quit smoking. However, this process is one that should be done a day at a time. Don't forget how beneficial the outcome will be. Fight stress and anxiety with positivity. Always be happy about the fact that you're quitting smoking, no matter how hard it is.

Celebrate – Believe it or not, those who quit smoking usually celebrate with something that is special to them. Whether it's a vacation, a nice dinner out or time spent with friends, take time to celebrate the fact that you've stopped smoking. Building a plan to help you quit smoking with a reward at the end will be a great first step to quitting. Don't lose sight of your goal so that you can reward yourself in the end.

Support – Sometimes, it's hard to quit smoking on your own. Often smokers need loved ones to help. There are even therapy programs that can help as well. Don't feel ashamed when it comes to getting support. There are national hotlines, websites and more that can help. If you're ready to stop smoking and need someone to help consider contacting Legacy Freedom. We can help you fight cravings and stop smoking for good.

alcohol rehab Asheville NCThere are also a few quick tips you can try to help you through this stressful time when you think that only a cigarette will help you calm down. Try the following ideas:

Sip cold water. Drinking cold water through a straw actually mimics smoking in a way. Even more, drinking the cold water releases dopamine. This brain chemical can help reduce bad moods and stress.

Reduce caffeine intake. According to, "Caffeine helps some people get going in the morning and stay alert when they're tired. But it makes others feel tense, jittery, and stressed. Breaking your nicotine addiction can boost those effects. If caffeine makes you jumpy or anxious, cut back on it."

Eat small meals. Many times, we replace smoking with eating. Then, we find ourselves eating too much and craving a cigarette to help with the overfull feeling. Instead, eat small meals that are clean, lean and healthy.

Save money. Instead of purchasing packs of cigarettes, save that money and put it away. After a month of no smoking, count how much you saved. You will be completely shocked. Take this money and do something nice for yourself. You'll want to continue this the next month after you see how much money you saved.

Set goals. The idea of quitting smoking is huge. Some people smoke for more than half their lives before they decide to quit. Instead of taking it in one big large step, set goals. Work towards them and be patient. Don't expect your cravings to leave overnight. Consider setting goals in two week increments. The first two weeks will be the hardest. But, even if you relapsed once, don't assume that you can't continue. Evaluate the situation and what went wrong. Then, start again and set goals. Remember to continue to work in two week increments.

Brush your teeth. Of course, you do this once or twice a day anyway but, while in the beginning stages of quitting smoking, brush your teeth more often. Having a clean mouth is contagious. Smokers rarely have a mouth that feels fresh and clean. Remembering what it is like to have fresh breath is great!

Don't drink alcohol. Most people associate alcohol with smoking. Having a drink or two might trigger a craving. Even more, alcohol breaks down your willpower. You may have committed to quitting but, when you're in an alcohol induced state of mind you might forget about that commitment.

Exercise Often. Being active releases chemicals in our brains that help relieve stress and put us in a better mood. Endorphins cause us to be happier. Be sure to exercise at least once every day. Even if it's only for 30 minutes at a time, stay motivated to exercise regularly. It will help with cravings.

We know how hard it is to quit smoking. Don't lose sight of the health benefits you'll be gaining if you do decide to give up nicotine. Also, be sure to follow these tips. We hope they help you on your journey to quit smoking!

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