Tips for Staying Sober During Vacation, Continued.

affordable alcohol rehab in Columbus OH Welcome to part two in our three part series on how to plan the best sober vacation. In part one, we talked about choosing the location and planning your activities. These first two tips are important in avoiding triggers and boredom. Today's post will continue with sober vacation themes, and sharing the details with your support group.

Sober Vacation Themes

Planning every single detail of your sober vacation can be frustrating at times and time consuming. So why not let someone do all of it for you? You might not have known it but there are several sober vacation web sites that will basically complete all the hard planning for you, with your sobriety already in mind. Booking your travel through one of these sober vacation websites will save you a lot of time and you'll also be vacationing with like minded folks.

By using these specialty sites, you can pick and choose your adventures to even traditionally non-sober destination points, and still have a great time with very little worry about triggers.

Keep in Touch

Whatever you do, don’t keep your vacation plans a secret from your support network. You should make it a priority to let every single one of your sober friends and family know that you are going on vacation. Let them know that you might have to call, or lean on them, while you're away and that you are really going to need their support. Not only will this build a strong support system, but it will also add extra layers of accountability for you staying sober.

Be sure to include the details of your trip and even ask your sober friends if they know of a person that can meet up with you at your destination. You could even take in a support group meeting together. And unless you want to be alone, ask some of your sober friends to go with you, if you can. The more support you have on your trip, the better equipped you will be to deal with trigger situations.

Regardless of whether you go on vacation alone, or with a group, be sure to check in regularly with your recovery network. Check in more often than not if you have constant relapsing thoughts. That being said, make sure you try to stay in areas where you always have cell phone service. Maintaining cell service and WiFi access is very important to your sobriety needs while traveling. Even simple gestures like checking in somewhere on Facebook can let your sober network know that you are OK and having fun. Social media is also a great way to communicate and get support while on vacation.

Click here to read part three where we discuss routines, saying no, and having fun.

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