Tips for a Sober Thanksgiving

drug rehabilitation in Asheville NCWith Halloween behind us it’s time to think about the upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving Day in particular. As with most holidays, it’ll be here before we know it. This day is all about prepping for the big meal and spending time with family being thankful. Unfortunately, stress and feeling overwhelmed often comes right along with all that.

One of the biggest triggers for addicts happens to be the holidays. The pressure of everything, all at once, is sometimes too much for those hoping to stay sober on Thanksgiving. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to ensure you stay sober this upcoming Turkey Day! For the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom.

New Traditions - If you’re used to going to a certain family member’s home for your holiday meal, consider working with them to change it up this year. Oftentimes, old memories of getting high or drinking alcohol at someone's home can cause a relapse trigger. You can even have the dinner at your house if it helps you. This option can also help others, as well.

Avoid Parties - Sometimes, “friendsgiving” dinners are more like parties that are full of drugs or alcohol. This can be a huge trigger that many in recovery can’t handle. Avoid these events so that you aren’t tempted to use during the party.

If you can’t avoid the party, offer to be the DD (designated driver) and make sure you have a couple of sober friends to spend the evening with. Support is the key to making it through the evening sober.

Have a Party - If your friends are set on having you attend a party with them, consider having one at your house. That way, you can control the environment and be in a place you are comfortable. Also make sure several sober friends or family members are there to help you through the evening. Having a close support group you can trust is key in surviving parties sober, no matter where the location is.

Staying sober through the Thanksgiving holiday is possible as long as you play it smart and keep a trusted support group around at all times. You don’t want to let this one day ruin your sobriety. Take the necessary steps to ensure you continue your recovery.

Do you have any tips that might help recovering addicts steer clear of triggers this holiday season? If so, share with us! For more information regarding staying sober during the upcoming holidays and more, be sure to visit back with our blog soon!

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