More Tips for Having Fun in Recovery

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If you've been following our blog lately, you might have seen a few posts on how to have fun while in recovery for addiction. Taking the first step and getting sober is a brave choice. Once addicted, changing back to normal can be pretty scary. The people that have never faced it have no idea about how bad the pains of getting sober can be, no matter how hard we try to explain them. One reason those in recovery relapse is because they get bored and do not have a good strategy to occupy themselves in positive ways. Legacy Freedom is here to help. We've got a few more ideas on ways that you can have good, clean fun while in recovery for your addiction problems. If you need a drug rehab Columbus OH facility to help you with your substance abuse, please call us today and get the help you deserve. We use fun, alternative treatment programs that will help you cope with life without hiding behind drugs and alcohol.

See the World

Get out there and see something new. Everyone loves to travel so why not give it a try? Now that you're sober, you don't even have to worry about taking an illegal road trip, or smuggling drugs on a plane so you really have no excuses and no vices holding you back. Why not take an exciting adventure overseas, to a faraway land that you've only dreamed about? Now that you're sober, use the extra time, and all the money you've saved from not using, to take a trip of a lifetime. This will also give you a chance to get away and clear your head. I'd pick somewhere warm and tropical, but that's just me.

Now, the first few weeks that you are in recovery are not the best time. We suggest that you stick around home and prepare your coping skills before becoming a jet-setter. This will allow you to get accustomed to your new life and routines, but as soon as you're ready - go. Even if it is just a short trip. You see, when you're in recovery, travel takes on a whole new meaning. Even if it's a trip to a nearby town, going on a weekend camping trip, renting a cabin on the lake, or going downhill skiing with some friends or family members, getting to see how other people live can be very therapeutic. Try to make an effort to learn something on your trip. Maybe a historical fact about the city, town, or locale you’re visiting. Furthermore, think of the trip as an reward for all of your hard work. You've made it this far and that's a really big deal. You deserve a reward!

Laugh as Often as You Can

Without being rude that is. You should really stop taking yourself so seriously all of the time. This might be hard to do in recovery because we're sure you're serious about getting sober. We know that there are some days that are terrible. These are the ones that seem to never end. However, you've probably had some pretty awesome ones too that you wish had never ended. Life can be funny that way at times - so laugh at it. Learning how to laugh at some of destiny's jokes will set you free. You'll definitely become more pleasant to be around and less grumpy.

If you're having trouble laughing, there are few things that you can do to make yourself laugh. There are tons of funny videos all over youtube, and you can even get tickets to see a comedian, or go and watch a really funny movie. There are plenty of ways that you can learn how to laugh again while still taking your recovery very seriously.

Holistic Drug Rehab Columbus OH Services

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we specialize in fun and alternative drug rehab Columbus OH programs. We even have adventure therapy available so you can really get out in nature and have fun in a sober environment. Come take a trip on wild side - get clean and sober - call Legacy Freedom today!

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