Tips for Men Getting Over a Relationship, Continued

Columbus OH Drug RehabThanks for joining us for part two in our series on tips for men who are dealing with a break up. If you're new to this series, part one discussed a few of the different ways that men typically handle dealing with breakups. If you'd like to jump back to read this post, click here to see the different ways men cope.

Today's post is going to "move on" to sharing tips on how to move forward with your life,in a positive way. We think you'll find these ideas helpful, especially if you or someone you know is dealing with a difficult situation like this. If the end of a relationship has created substance abuse problems in your life, get the help you deserve from the number one Columbus OH drug rehab treatment center. Call Legacy Freedom today.

Keep Calm and Carry On

When we first started researching this topic, one of the first things we noticed is that many suggest that men should move right on to a new relationship. How the best way to forget the old girl is to immediately find a new girl. We disagree. After your break up, regardless of how you feel about "dating" again, you first need to learn how to forgive and love yourself. If you cannot forgive yourself - even if you think you did nothing wrong - you will carry a lot of negativity into your next relationship. You should also stop beating yourself up. This just creates more pain and suffering. So take some time to reflect and heal yourself first.

The next positive step you can take is to keep active. Keeping busy helps in so many ways. First, filling your day with activities will help keep the negative thoughts at bay. Negative thinking ties into the first step heavily. If you do not forgive yourself, you will continue to beat yourself up over past things.

These activities could be new things that you've always wanted to try, or really anything that will bring either happiness or accomplishment back to your life. We suggest you find a balance of activities and make those into a routine.

A daily routine and weekly schedule will help you get your life back on track a lot sooner. Do little things at the same time each day, like getting out of bed, eating lunch, and exercising. You'll be amazed at how focusing on your daily schedule will help you move past the negative thoughts about your past relationship.

Speaking of exercise, you need to do this! Even if it's just simply taking a few short walks each day. Exercise will make you feel better by refocusing your thoughts and needs back to yourself. Exercise will help to clear your mind so you can escape your self-inflicted mental beat downs. Exercise will make you happier because it releases special chemicals in the brain, and you will also sleep and rest better at night.

If you don't like to go the gym, or run for miles on end, try picking up a new sport or hobby that requires a fair bit of physical fitness. You could start playing golf, join a city softball league, go hiking and camping every weekend, or pick up a hobby like metal detecting; all of these will help you get the exercise you need.

Be sure to join us for part three of this series where we discuss things men should NOT do when dealing with a break up.

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