Tips for a Safe and Sober 4th of July, Continued

Asheville drug rehabWelcome back! In our last blog post, we talked about celebrating the Fourth of July and how it's important to stay safe and sober when you're a recovering addict. Though there will be many celebrations, complete with drugs and alcohol, there are ways to avoid them all.

Below, you'll find several more tips that will help you navigate through this holiday in a safe and sober way! If you, or someone you know needs help with addiction, please call Legacy for quality Asheville drug rehab and alcohol treatment.

Plan Your Exit - You never know when things might get bad. You may find yourself in a situation that requires a quick getaway. Drive yourself to the party and make sure you park in a spot that you can get out of easily without being blocked in. No matter how long you've been a recovering addict, cravings can hit harder than you ever expect. Triggers can come in the form of songs, smells and more. To avoid a relapse, plan an easy and quick exit to any party you might attend. Also, have a sober friend or family member on standby to call if needed.

Remember the Reason for the Holiday - Taking time to relax and enjoy the freedom that we have here in our country is important. Realizing that this freedom didn't come without a price and remembering all who fought to gain it can help you put recovery and addiction into perspective. Take time to reflect, relax and remember.

Take in an Extra Meeting - If you know you'll be at a party that will have drugs or alcohol, take time to go to an extra meeting. This will help you remember your recovery goals and learn to cope with triggers and stress.

If you're going to be at a party with drugs or alcohol, consider eliminating the following to help deal with stress and anxiety that you'll likely experience:

Caffeine - This raises blood pressure and makes anxiety more prevalent.

Hunger - Being hungry can lead to thoughts of relapse. Eat when you're hungry, even if you must bring snacks with you to a celebration.

Loneliness - Don't sit at home, alone. Spend time with sober friends or family.

Tiredness - Don't stay too long at a party where people are abusing substances. You'll find that you tire more easily.

If you missed our previous post, be sure to visit back below, to learn more tips:

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