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If you're a parent, you probably remember the good ole days of D.A.R.E., or the Drug Abuse Reinforcement Education program, that used to be taught in the school systems way back in the 1980s. You even probably remember their slogan, "Just Say No!", but after a generation of studies researchers have found that this approach really did not do enough to keep young kids, and especially teens, from experimenting with drugs and alcohol. In 1998, the National Institute of Justice Research Brief filed the D.A.R.E. program under the "doesn't work" category for drug prevention. All children need to understand the consequences of experimenting with alcohol and drugs and this needs to begin at home. Prevention begins with the parents talking to their children about avoiding drugs and situations that might put them in a precarious position. Parents need to be there for their kids to talk to them about what to do when peer pressure might get them to dive head first into risky behavior. Legacy Freedom, the number one facility for Columbus OH drug rehab, has put together a list of things that might make having this talk with your kids a little easier so check them out below.

The Talk

First things first parents; if you suspect your child is using drugs or drinking, or you catch your children in possession of drugs or alcohol, do not wait to take action. Research has shown that younger the person is when they first experiment with drugs, the more likely they are to actually end up as an addict. According to the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 12.8% of the young people who experimented with marijuana at, or before the age of 14 developed either a drug dependence or addiction problem compared to 2.6% of the young people who tried marijuana at age 18 or older and developed the same level of dependence. Experimenting with alcohol and drugs in the younger years is a completely voluntary action, but as the substance use continues it becomes more and more of a need to satisfy cravings.

Let's reiterate the fact that the earlier parents intervene into their child's substance abuse problems the better the outcome will be. You might even be able to prevent a full blown addiction problem, and even accidental overdose. We strongly advise that parents start talking to their children as soon as they think they're ready. We think that the school years between 4 and 7 are perfect and that parents should not wait until their kids are in high school. The biggest reason is because a 2011 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study found that 62% of the teens who reported drinking alcohol did so before turning the age of 15. This does not include tasting alcohol but rather having a full adult beverage.

So parents, we want you to start talking to your kids when they're young. This way they do not get any misconceptions and bad information from their uninformed young peers. When it's time to have the talk, don't hesitate and be clear with your message. You might even want to write some notes down so you do not miss anything important that needs to be discussed. Do not be vague with your rules, or the consequences of breaking those rules. If your child lives in two different households, make sure all parental parties agree to the same set of rules about drugs, and make it official. Having your child sign a pledge about staying substance free can make a huge impact on them and your wishes.

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