Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues!

drug rehab AshevilleThe holiday season is slowly starting to surround us. Songs of joy and silent nights are playing in the stores and on the radio. The halls are being decked with holiday cheer and decor. It's the happiest time of year, right? Wrong.

As we talked about in our last two blog posts, the winter holiday season can be rough for many people. There are several factors that go into causing this. SAD, a disorder that causes our brains to become imbalanced due to lack of sunlight, is in full force by the time Christmas rolls around. In addition feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and loneliness are always a possibility. So, how do we fight back and beat these winter blues? Below, you'll find a few tips that will help you this time of year! For the best drug rehab Asheville services, call Legacy Freedom for help.

Beat the Holiday Blues

Stay Away From Social Media

It's no secret that people tend to update their statuses with only the good things in their life. Especially during the holidays, they'll share photos of events, family time and other great things that are happening. Taking a look into other's holiday time might leave you feeling sad. It also might cause you to set unrealistic expectations about how your time with family should go. Staying away from social media can really help you beat the winter blues this holiday season.

Don't Give In

You might be feeling sad and lonely throughout the holiday season. Don't let these emotions overcome you. Take charge of your life and constantly remind yourself that you can change things. You might not want to spend time with family or friends due to your depression, but try to make yourself. Call a friend and tell them what's going on. Let them help you rise above the winter blues.

Those that don't have family or friends to help them during this time should consider volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Do whatever it takes to get out there and avoid isolation. The more you expose yourself to others the less likely you'll be to give in to depression and loneliness.

Create New Traditions

According to, "Contrary to popular opinion, there are no rules for how you spend your holidays. So if old traditions bring up unhappy memories, start new ones. If you don’t have family, share the holidays with good friends. Don’t wait for them to include you; make them welcome in your home instead. If cooking a Christmas dinner feels like a drag, do brunch. If going to a synagogue or a church service dampens your spirits, have your own worship service outdoors, at home or wherever you wish."

In our next blog post, we will share more tips that can help you beat the holiday blues. These are less mindful ideas that will help you out in a pinch when you're feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Don't forget to check back with us, soon!

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