Three Stages of Alcohol Abuse

alcohol rehab in Charlotte NCAlcohol abuse is a widely known as a drinking problem. We assume that those who are alcoholics drink at least every day. The most unsuspecting people can be alcoholics. However, there's more to it than just a simple drinking issue.

Stages of Alcohol abuse | Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC

Many do not realize that there are three stages of alcohol abuse. It's important to understand each stage, when they come and why. Awareness of the stages can actually help the problem progress.

Below, you will find detailed information about each stage. At any point during this article, feel free to contact us regarding alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC. Rehabilitation is the only way to a clean and sober life.

Stage One of Alcohol abuse

Stage one of alcohol abuse is the early stage. Most of the time, alcohol is consumed in order to put the individual in a better mood during the stage. It might be to blow off steam from a long day at work, relax after studying for an exam in college, or get relief from a problem you're dealing with at home. No matter what the reason, the early stages of alcohol abuse begins because we're looking for a way to put ourselves in a better mood.

Most of the time this first stage of alcohol abuse goes unnoticed. Our friends and family do not realize the gradual increase in consumption. They might realize you were drinking more often at times, but they haven't exactly realized the problem is brewing.

Drinking to increase mood once a week eventually turns into two or three times a week. As tolerance for alcohol builds up, you find yourself drinking every day in order to relax or to get in a better mood. The amount of alcohol in your system is increasing each day.

Eventually, functioning with alcohol in our systems seems easier. That's because blood alcohol levels are rising. Drinking excessively no longer leaves us feeling drunk. We are able to talk normally, walk normally and function properly throughout the drinking.

This is when stage to comes into play. Eventually, excessive alcohol consumption will leave your body unable to function without alcohol. This means blood alcohol level decreases without it and talking, walking and thinking functions that were once easy without alcohol are now near impossible. At this point, alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC is needed though one rarely considers it at this point.

Stage Two of Alcohol abuse

The middle stage of alcohol abuse, stage two, leaves us needing even more alcohol to function. The desire to drink increases. It becomes more intense. During the second stage, we find that drinking earlier in the day as necessary to continue on. Also, consuming even larger amounts of alcohol is needed as well.

Loss of control over drinking is now a new concern. Alcohol is no longer processed like it was in the first stage. Tolerance that was built up is now decreasing. Becoming drunk is much easier with way less alcohol. Also, thoughts of drinking in the morning before work or school become an issue. With drawl symptoms come quickly after alcohol use is reduced.

It is at this point during the second stage that many of us realize we have a drinking problem. Others might begin to notice but we will begin doing whatever it takes to keep this issue with secret. Even though we realize abuse is a problem, we won't completely accept it.

At the end of the stage, physical symptoms are quite obvious. Black out, hangovers and digestive issues and stomach pains are beginning to seem normal.

The final third stage of alcohol abuse is often called the end stage. Abuse has fully progressed at this point and drinking is an up session. There's no longer any thing else in the world that matters more than consuming alcohol. At this point, not only physical health is deteriorating but also mental health is, as well.

After heavily consuming alcohol continually, our organs begin to become damaged. This alone lowers our resistance to sickness and disease. In addition, drinking to the point of blacking out and having hangovers happens almost daily. Even more, malnutrition is now a problem. Because were drinking too much, our body cannot fully absorb the vitamins and minerals we need to live a healthy life. Liver function is damaged and the digestion process is compromised.

Financial issues are now becoming a problem also, as many of us are able to work due to the alcohol abuse and the symptoms that come with it. Relationships at home and at work or suffering greatly.

During the end stage of alcohol abuse, our bodies cannot repair the damage that has been done. Because of nutritional deficiencies and other problems, everything begins to shut down. Mental alertness is lost, appetite is no longer functioning and we find ourselves confused, fatigue and emotionally and stable at all times.

At this point, fatal incidences are common. Alcohol will cause death in some form or another. From damages to our organs and systems, suicide or injury relates to alcohol abuse, death will be a likely outcome in this end stage with alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC is not sought out.

If you are concerned about your own drinking problems were with someone you love, please consider talking with our facility. Also, familiarize yourself with the warning signs of alcohol abuse. And our next blog post you will find all the signs of alcohol abuse so that you were able to recognize symptoms in all stages. Hopefully, you can catch the serious problem before it gets worse.

Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC Might Be The Only Solution!

With all that challenges facing teens and adults in today's time, it's important to make sure they're informed of substance abuse issues as well as, substance abuse prevention and ways to avoid and overcome the peer pressure they might face, day to day.

For help with these issues, or if you or someone you love is already dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us to learn about alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC, Legacy Freedom. We are here to help.

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