This is What Happens When You Get a DUI

Greensboro NC alcohol rehab centerDrinking and driving is a serious problem in the U.S. While many people of all ages choose to drive drunk, it's against the law and very dangerous. You're not only endangering yourself, but also those in the car with you and others on the road walking, biking or passing by in a different car as well.

Many people never stop to think about why they shouldn't drink and drive until it's too late. For those that aren't aware of what happens when you get pulled over for driving under the influence, we are here to explain it to you.

Getting pulled over for driving under the influence will result in a citation known as a DUI. First time offenders will have different consequences than those that have been convicted of a crime before.

While penalties vary state to state in the U.S. there is one thing each has in common. There are consequences. If someone you know has a drinking problem, get them the help they deserve. Call Legacy Freedom today for a Greensboro NC alcohol rehab center you can trust.

Getting A DUI

Breath Test - Once you've been pulled over for suspected drinking and driving, you'll be given a breathalyzer test. If your blood alcohol content is .08 or above, you'll be cited for a DUI (Drinking Under the Influence). Even if you don't seem to be intoxicated, you can be convicted if your BAC is .08 or above. Many individuals feel that they can function well without slurring their speech or swerving while driving. That doesn't matter. Passing the field sobriety test won't get you out of a DUI when your BAC is at or above the legal limit.

Arrest - Once you are convicted of drunk driving, you will be arrested and taken to the nearest county jail or police station. There, you will be booked. Your fingerprints and mug shot will be taken. Depending on the state you're in at the time of your conviction will determine whether or not you'll be released on bail. If the state you're in doesn't allow bail, you'll have to stay in jail until you become sober.

Citation - You will be given a citation or ticket that summons you to a specific court date. You must show up at that time to be given your sentence. Then, you are free to leave until you're expected to arrive in court.

Court - You'll be given a chance to plead guilty or not guilty. At that time, the judge will make their ruling based on evidence and video footage of your arrest, if they have it. You will be fined and penalized according to which offense this is. If it's your first, you may be given a lighter sentence. This doesn't mean, however, that it won't be bad. No matter how "easy" the sentence, it will still be one that is difficult to balance with your normal life schedule. For those that already have a conviction or more, the ruling will likely include jail time. Whatever your penalty, you must also pay court costs as well.

If you aren't sentenced to jail, you'll be expected to follow through with your probationary sentence within the amount of time given by the judge. If you do not do so, there will be even more consequences.

Drinking and driving is not only something that is dangerous and reckless, it's also something that results in serious consequences that might interfere with your life success. Don't make the mistake of drinking and driving.

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