Things No One Tells You About Casual Drug Use

raleigh drug rehabRecreational drug use often seems less dangerous because users only do it occasionally or when they’re in social situations, but it poses the same risks as any type of drug use. It may seem fun while you’re doing it, but you may not have thought of the consequences.

Take a look at these 10 things no one tells you about casual drug use. If you need Raleigh drug rehab, call Legacy today! We can help you get sober again.

1. You could make a fool of yourself. Most casual drug use is done in the company of friends. When you’re under the influence, you’ll probably say or do stupid things. If you’re lucky, your fiends won’t mention it again, but the likely scenario is that they will tell the story every chance they get.

2. You might wake up in a strange place. If you take something that causes you to pass out, then who knows where you’ll wake up and what kind of shape you’ll be in.

3. Your future kids will want to know about your past drug use. Just like your parents, you will probably give your kids the “say no to drugs” speech. When they ask if you ever did drugs, you’ll have to decide whether to lie or tell the truth.

4. You could ruin a friendship or relationship. Being under the influence can make you do dumb things, as we’ve mentioned, but sometimes those things aren’t funny or forgivable. You may do something that hurts a loved one that you won’t be able to redeem yourself for in the morning.

5. It can get you in legal trouble. If you’re caught with drugs or under the influence, you can be charged and convicted. You may end up losing your license if you were driving. You could also face paying fees, doing community service, or even jail time.

6. Drug convictions will come back to haunt you. Even after you’ve paid your penance, the charges could affect your chances of getting a job in the future. It will also keep your insurance premium high.

7. You may be hiding an underlying problem. Your drug use may not be out of curiosity or because you like the way it makes you feel. It could be because you’re depressed and the high helps you cope, or because you have a difficult situation in your life that you want to avoid. Many people turn to drugs so they don’t have to think about their problems.

8. You could hurt yourself in the short term. Jumping off the roof may seem like a good idea when you’re high, but it could result in a broken leg or worse.

9. You could hurt yourself permanently. Taking any drug poses a danger, but if you take too much, mix more than one drug, or mix drugs and alcohol, you could be making a combination that can cause a heart attack, overdose or death.

10. You could become an addict. No one plans to become addicted to drugs. Everyone starts as casual user. It’s when that use becomes more and more frequent that an addict is born. Once you are addicted to drugs, you have to make the choice whether to continue on that path or get help.

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