Things You Should Never Say to a Sober Person

alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NCDrinking and socializing seem to go hand-in-hand, so when you’ve got a friend who is in recovery for an alcohol addiction, it can be awkward to hang out. You shouldn’t let your friendship end because of this because she probably needs you more now than ever. Unfortunately, even if we mean well, we sometimes say inappropriate things. Take this list into consideration and think before you say one of these things to a sober person. If you know someone that has relapsed, or needs to get sober, please call Legacy Freedom today. Ask about our holistic programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC.

1. One drink won’t hurt.
Well, actually, it will. It will damage weeks, months or years of work to stop drinking. An alcoholic can’t control her drinking, so one drink may cause her to head back down the wrong path. Don’t encourage that type of behavior, especially if she is newly sober. A real friend would be supportive of her sobriety.

2. You’re not really an alcoholic.
Alcohol abusers come in different forms. Some people aren’t the stereotypical “drunks” you see in movies who drink all the time and can’t control themselves, and not everyone hits rock bottom before they get help. Your friend obviously thought she needed help and then got it. Tell her you’re proud of her instead.

3. My friend/cousin/colleague did it this way. You should try it.
Just as all addicts are different, the method in which they get help is different, too. Not all treatment plans work for everyone. If they have found a program that works for them, be supportive of them. You may be trying to relate by mentioning someone you know that had a problem and got help, but don’t imply that the way that person did it is the only way to get help.

4. Addiction is just a lack of willpower.
Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain. It’s not caused by a lack of willpower or strength. Heavy drinking can change the way the brain’s chemistry works, causing a person to crave it in order to function. That doesn’t mean an addict isn’t responsible for her behavior, but there are other things involved that she can’t control.

5. You’re no fun anymore.
Someone who is recently recovered might not be the fun loving, easy going person she once was. That person may have been a result of drinking. She is learning how to live life without her addiction, so it will take some time to adjust. Give her some slack. Suggest some activities that don’t have anything to do with drinking to get her spirits back up.

6. I didn’t invite you because you don’t drink.
Sure in some situations it’s probably best to not invite your sober friend. If you’re going to a bar or club, or you know there is going to be heavy drinking involved, that’s not the best atmosphere for a recovering alcoholic. Just don’t leave her out of all social events.

7.  Can you be our designated driver?
A newly sober person should probably avoid bars and clubs for a while. A real friend wouldn’t even suggest such a thing.

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