The Link Between Sex Addiction and Substance Abuse

raleigh drug rehabA person addicted to one thing often has other addictions. In fact, research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has found that over half of the people with one type of addiction problem have another one.

Not all addiction has to do with substances. While most may think that an addiction means someone does drugs, drinks or overeats, it can also mean behaviors. Any type of compulsive risky behavior can become an addiction. If you, or a loved one, need help with addiction problems, our Raleigh drug rehab and alcohol treatment can help. Please call Legacy Freedom to learn more!

Sex Addiction and Substance Abuse

Multiple addictions are common among those with sex addictions. In a survey of male sex addicts, 87 percent were found to have abused drugs or engaged in other addictive behaviors. It is not surprising that someone who uses sex as a way to escape or deal with pain would also turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. Both can help them feel better, even though it’s only a fleeting moment that usually results in feeling worse because of guilt, shame or facing the consequences of their actions.

Sexual addiction, along with most other addictions, usually stems from psychological problems that could have been caused by early trauma, such as sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, or physical abuse. Some people turn to drugs to alcohol to cope, while others turn to compulsive sexual behaviors either alone (masturbation) or with partners.

If someone develops these habits early on, it can stunt their emotional growth, making it hard to relate to people when they become adults. This isolation can cause other problems such as depression and anxiety, and can also cause problems with intimacy.

For some, using drugs, especially stimulants such as cocaine or meth, can help them feel free of their inhibitions. Some male addicts may even abuse Viagra so that they can spend hours having sex without stopping.

The risks can increase because it’s not likely that someone under the influence is going to practice safe sex. And they may also combine drugs so that they can “come down” after a drug fueled sex “marathon.”

Like any other addiction, a sex addiction needs to be treated in conjunction with other addictions the person may have, or they run the risk of relapsing. There has been research that leads some to believe addiction itself is one condition that can manifest in many different forms, from substance abuse to excessive gambling or an addiction to sex. Other research proposes that some people’s brains may be wired to develop addictions more quickly than others.

Regardless of how and why a person becomes addicted to a substance or behavior, he or she needs a recovery plan that will treat all aspects of addiction, from the physical symptoms to the emotional and psychological issues. This can be done with different types of therapy as well as a combination of therapies, from one-on-one sessions to group therapy.

Someone with an addition problem also needs to learn healthy coping mechanisms so that he or she can learn to deal with life and its ups and downs in ways that won’t compromise their recovery.

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