Thanksgiving Travel Safety Tips

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Greensboro NCAre you and your loved ones traveling out of town to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday? If so you'll be traveling with millions of other people. This can be dangerous as traffic difficulties, flight delays and other issues can happen. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your safety while traveling this upcoming season.

Consider following these tips on your road trip this holiday. If you're looking for substance abuse treatment centers in Greensboro NC, call Legacy Freedom. We offer affordable outpatient treatment options.

Thanksgiving Tips For Travel Safety

  • Check the weather. If there are storms coming you might want to reroute or find a way to work around the storm. Driving in bad weather is dangerous in itself. Adding millions of people to the road during the storm could be even worse.
  • Drive the speed limit. You might think that getting there quicker will be better in the long run. However, if you end up with a speeding ticket or have an accident due to speeding your trip will be delayed.
  • Beware of traffic patterns and road construction sites. There are many work zones all over the US. Be sure to check out various routes that might help you avoid road construction.
  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to make your travel plans, especially if you're flying or taking a train. Waiting until the last minute might help you get a better bargain but it also might keep you from taking your trip as seats sell out quickly during this time. Planning ahead will also help you account for any issues you might encounter like car trouble, sickness and more.
  • Try not to overpack for your trip. For those who are taking a road trip, take this advice as well. You can always wash clothing once you're at your destination. When flying, having fewer bags means saving money. Keep that in mind. Also, traveling light is better for safety reasons, as well. Theft is lower among those that don't travel heavy.
  • For those who like to save money on flights, consider flying on Mondays or Tuesdays. You might even consider flying Tuesday mornings. This will not only help you save money but also help you avoid the travel rush. The busy times in an airport are often the most dangerous.
  • Always keep a map on hand. GPS systems are great but, if they malfunction or the battery dies and you have no alternative, a map will come in handy. It will also help you reroute should you need to.

We hope these tips help keep you safe this upcoming holiday season. Remember, taking time to plan out your travels early will help. Don't miss our next post for even more helpful tips.

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