Where Do Teens Hide Their Drugs?

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NCIf you suspect your teen is using drugs but you can’t get him to admit it, you may be tempted to search his bedroom or car. A concerned parent will go to extremes in order to protect their children. If you feel your child’s health or safety is at risk and you don’t mind compromising your teen’s trust in you, this list may come in handy.

We’ve compiled some of the most common places teenagers hide their drugs. Does your teenager need alcohol or drug rehab in Wilmington NC? If so, call Legacy today! We can help.

1. The bed. Whether it’s under the mattress, tucked into a pillow or possibly in a secret compartment in an old teddy bear or other stuffed animal, the bed is one place that can hide all kinds of secrets.

2. The desk. Hiding something in a drawer is not really an ideal spot, but creating a fake bottom or taping a small baggie to the underside of a drawer will conceal it better. There are ink pens on the market that have hidden compartments where drugs can be stored. Some even double as a pipe for drugs that are smoked.

3. The nightstand. That seemingly empty can of Coke that’s been there for week might not indicate that your teen is just a little messy, it could be one that has a trick bottom where items can be stored. Old mint tins or candy containers are also good spots for storage.

4. The closet. The pockets of old clothes hanging in the back or shoes stored up on a shelf or in the box are perfect places to keep drugs. You may not get why he wants to keep that old red hooded sweatshirt, but it could have more value other than sentimental.

5. The bookshelf. Knick-knacks that may appear to be solid could have hidden compartments perfect to hide a stash. If your teen is crafty, she could have created a “safe” using a hardback book by cutting out inside pages to create a space to hide things.

6. The ceiling. If you have a dropped tiled ceiling, it’s a prime location for a teen wanting to hide something. The top of a blade of an unused ceiling fan is also a good spot if you add some tape to hold the item down. Vents that can be removed are good hiding spots if it’s between seasons and the HVAC isn’t being used.

7. The bathroom. Your teen probably won’t hide drugs in a shared bathroom, but if he or she has a private bath or shares it with a younger sibling, he may hide drugs in the toilet tank or air vents. There are makeup and vanity items that have hidden compartments such as compacts and tubes of lipstick. Some teens may even make their own by hollowing out deodorant sticks.

8. The car. Under the dashboard, inside in the glove compartment and underneath the seat are common places to tape bags of drugs. They can also be hidden in the trunk on emergency repair kits or in empty flashlights.

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NC for Teenagers | Legacy Freedom

If your teen has a substance abuse problem, call us today to talk to an admissions counselor about our treatment options. We are here to help you get your teen into a program that will help him or her overcome an addiction problem. Our personalized treatment plans will ensure that we will be able to find a solution that works. Because we offer outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Wilmington NC, he or she can continue to go to school or work while getting help. Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor.

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