Where Do Teens Hide Their Drugs? Part 2

drug rehab in Wilmington NCIn part two of this series on where teens hide drugs, we’ll look at more tricks they may use to conceal their stash. We know that concerned parents will do whatever it takes to protect their kids from the harmful effects of drugs, including searching their rooms and belongings. Does your teenager need alcohol or drug rehab in Wilmington NC? If so, call Legacy today! We can help.

Experts say that it’s important that you cover your tracks when searching a teen’s room for drugs. If you are lucky enough to not find anything, you don’t want them to know you were snooping. It is a violation of privacy that can damage the relationship between parents and their child, but when you suspect your child is using drugs, it is more important to protect him or her. There is nothing wrong with doing what is best for your kids.

Some of the most common places teenagers will hide drugs are in their bedrooms, bathrooms or cars, which we listed in the first part of the series. Another common trick teens use are custom made containers that have fake bottoms or hidden compartments. These can be purchased at novelty stores and head shops.

Some examples include:

· An unopened soda can with a fake bottom
· A tube of lipstick that has a hidden compartment
· A mirrored compact with a false back
· A hardback book that is actually hollow on the inside
· An ink pen, mechanical pencil or highlighter with a hollow compartment
· A belt buckle that opens on the back side
· Empty candy or mint tins

Teens also hide drugs in unusual places in their bedrooms or bathrooms. Don’t forget to check these areas for drugs:

· Behind light switches or electrical outlets
· Taped behind framed pictures or posters
· Inside removable ceiling panels
· In air vents or ducts

Be on the lookout for drug paraphernalia as well. You may find items such as plastic baggies, rolling papers, cigars, lighters, pipes or bongs, grinding containers or roach clips in your teen’s bedroom or car.

If you do find something, take time to calm down. You want to be levelheaded when you speak to your teenager, no matter how upset you are. Talk with your spouse to decide what consequences your kid will have. Consider giving a realistic punishment to show what happens in “real life” when someone is caught with an illegal substance.

Ask your teenager questions and listen. Find out why he or she is doing drugs and where they got them from. If one of his or her friends is involved, tell that teen’s parents. You would want them to do the same if it was your child.

Don’t let your teen manipulate you by bringing up the fact that you searched their room or car. You are the adult and you are responsible for your child’s well-being.

If the drug abuse appears to be more than recreational, call a rehabilitation center to get advice from a counselor on how to proceed.

Drug Rehab in Wilmington NC for Teenagers | Legacy Freedom

If you suspect that your teen is using drugs, call us today to talk to an admissions counselor about our treatment options. We are here to give you the support you need to get your child help. Our personalized treatment plans mean that we will be able to find a solution that works for your teen. Because we offer outpatient alcohol and drug rehab in Wilmington NC, he or she can continue to go to school or work while getting help. Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor.

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