My Teen Is Using Drugs – Part 3

Have you just found out that your teen is using drugs? If so, drug treatment in Charlotte NC might be the only way to offer them help. Before talking about drug treatment, consider talking with them about the actual drug use, first.

Talking with Teens About Drug Use | Drug Treatment in Charlotte NC

As we mentioned previously, making sure that you’ve prepared for a talk with your teen about their drug use is crucial. You’ll also want to make sure you have talked to others that have dealt with this type of situation or with a professional educated in drug use in teens. Below, you’ll find tips that help you with the where, when and how of having this conversation.

  • Choose a place to have a conversation that your child feels safe in. Also choose one that makes them feel comfortable.
  • You’ll want your teen’s full attention and cooperation. Decide on a time for the conversation while keeping that in mind.
  • Understanding is key in this conversation. Don’t attack them with accusations. Instead, talk with them in a way that shows them you understand they have a problem. Also offer them a chance to consider how you might feel in this situation. Ask them for advice on how you can help them.
  • Speak with your teen in a positive tone that doesn’t make them feel like you’re calling out their mistakes. Don’t say anything that might hurt them, rather than help them.
  • Offer feedback and empathy during this time of need for your teen. Even if they don’t want your help, they need it. Find a way to offer it without pushing them away. After all, you don’t want to refrain from feedback and advice as your teen might take it as abandonment. You want to do whatever you can to help them through this.
  • Ask your teen what type of changes they’d like to make. Also ask them how they’d like you to help them with this.

Once you've talked through things in an appropriate time and place, talk about drug treatment. Work with your child to develop a plan for drug treatment in Charlotte NC. There are many different types of outpatient therapies that can help your teen move past drug use and get on with a healthy life. Don’t approach this by calling help rehab. This might scare your teen or worry them that they’ll have to live in a facility alone for a month or more. Learn more about our drug treatment options, here. You and your teen will be surprised at how effective and comfortable the treatment actually is.

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If your teen is suffering from an addiction and needs help, consider drug treatment in Charlotte NC. Addiction isn’t something that can be resolved overnight. Oftentimes it requires extensive rehab and support. Legacy Freedom is here to offer both, when your teen is ready. Addiction can leave you feeling sad, lonely, and angry. You are not alone. Legacy Freedom is here to help you get back on track to a happier, healthy, drug free life. Contact us to speak with a counselor, today.

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