My Teen Is Using Drugs – Now What?

“Is my teen using drugs?” This is a question that no parent wants to hear a 'yes' answer to. Learning that our teens are using drugs can be devastating and hard to deal with. Many parents don’t even know where to begin when this situation arises.

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Even if your teen hasn’t experimented with drugs yet, there’s no guarantee that they won’t. You can educate them, keep track of their friends and whereabouts, but there’s still no guarantee.

Addressing the fact that your child is using drugs is probably the most difficult part of learning that they’re using. Expressing concerns in a way that doesn’t scare them away or cause them to use further is important. It’s best to prepare for this conversation before jumping in and talking with your teen.

Thinking before speaking will make the overall situation less difficult for both you and your teen. Below, we offer a few tips that might help you prepare for the conversation.

Don’t panic. Learning that your child is using drugs can be frustrating, sad, overwhelming and every other emotion you can think of. Your first instinct will be panic. You’re worried that they’re hurting or in danger. You’re anxious about finding out they’re using. You’re also nervous about how the initial confrontation will go. Don’t overreact with panic. Losing control will result in an outcome that you’ll regret when things settle. Stay calm.

Prepare. This is going to be a difficult conversation. You and your child will get angry. Emotions will be running in high gear. Preparing for that will help you get through this. Don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t assume things will work out.

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