How Teen Drug Use Affects the Whole Family

Teenage substance abuse can happen to any family. Though we don’t want to believe it, our teens are very susceptible to drug use during their high school years. While the drugs can affect your teen, mentally and physically, they can also affect the entire, extended family, as well. If you suspect your teen is using drugs, consider taking a look back at our previous blog posts, below, before approaching the situation at hand.

Once you’ve reviewed the previous blog posts, consider taking time to prepare your family for the situation. Extended family can also be affected by your teens drug use. These members can include:

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts and Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Great-Grandparents

It’s important to talk with them. Keeping them updated and informed can be a great help in the overall situation; for you, your teen and the extended family.

Support is the most important tool an addict can use when they’re headed for rehab and recovery. It’s important that family members stick by teens during this time, even when they’re disappointed in their actions.

To make sure you’re able to help family members understand what’s going on and how to cope with it, offer them the following information.

Extended Family Can Be Affected by Teen Drug Use | Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC

Mood Changes. Educate the family on how drugs can affect teens. The biggest, most noticeable change in behavior will be their mood. Unnecessary arguing and disruption will occur, even if everyone around the teen tries hard to avoid conflict. Teens struggling with drug use are in a negative place and will do anything to create dysfunction. They feel better in a negative environment then a positive one while using drugs.

Remind family members that even when they refuse to argue or disagree with your teen, the drug use causes them to act differently and negatively. Let them know that it’s nothing they’ve done and likely not something they can avoid.

Money. It’s possible your teen will need extra money to purchase drugs. Arm family members with the information and knowledge they need to help them say no when your teen asks them for money. Even if your teen has never asked aunts, uncles or grandparents for money in the past, it’s likely they’ll resort to this at some point during their addiction.

Support. It’s important to remind extended family that no matter what happens, your teen still needs support. Even if grandparents are disappointed and aunts or uncles don’t want your teen hanging out with their kids, unconditional support is the only way to help teens overcome drug use. Without support, they may never make it to drug rehab in Charlotte NC. They may continue to use drugs, well into adulthood. A strong family with unconditional love and support is the greatest hope for a teen addict.

In our next blog post, we are going to talk more about how teen drug use affects the whole family. To learn more, visit How Teen Drug Use Affects the Whole Family, Continued.

Also consider contacting Legacy Freedom to learn more about our family therapy programs so that you can join your teens in their recovery venture. Going with them to our outpatient drug rehab in Charlotte NC can offer the support they need to overcome their addiction.

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