Teen Drug Abuse and Treatment Options

substance abuse treatment centers in wilmington NCKevin started experimenting with drugs when he was 15. He had smoked pot once when he was younger, but once he was older, he wanted to try something else. So, he did some research on the Internet. He read about prescription pills you could crush and snort, which he and his friends tried once with their parents’s pain meds. He had a nice little high, but it still wasn’t as all-consuming as the high he had read about with other drugs.

When he visited his sister in college, they went to a music festival where he tried mushrooms that one of her friends gave him. He liked the fuzzy hallucinogenic effects, but all he wanted to do was hang out in the tent. By evening it had worn off, so he smoked a lot of pot to get take the edge off. He decided he wanted to try acid the next time he visited because he had read that it makes you more social.

His friends introduced him to coke, which he didn’t like because it made him too hyper. He even smoked crack once just to say he tried it, but he was so scared of turning into one of the crackheads that roamed his neighborhood that he didn’t enjoy it.

He didn’t have an interest in heroin until he was almost 17. He didn’t know anyone who had tried it. Most of his friends stayed away from drugs involving needles. He knew it gave a better high than any prescription pain pill, but he also knew it was as addictive as crack. But he ordered some off the Internet anyway using a prepaid debit card, just to see what it was like.

Six months later he was ordering it regularly. He hid it from his parents and some of his friends. Only his best friend knew he was doing it all the time. One day, when they were buying sodas from a convenience store, Kevin fell on the floor and began shaking. He had shot up before his friend picked him up. His friend didn’t know what to do. A stranger called 911. When the paramedics arrived, one injected Kevin with Narcan® which reversed the effects of his accidental drug overdose. He woke up in the hospital unsure of what had happened. Kevin was addicted to heroin and he wasn’t even 18 years old.

Kevin is just one of many teens who develop drug addictions before they’re even considered adults. Curiosity, social influence and a wish to cope with the pain of growing up are all factors that can lead a teen to try drugs. If you're searching for outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in Wilmington NC that specialize in treating teens , look no further! Legacy Freedom of Wilmington can help your family. Call today for more information.

Teens and Addiction

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NCIn 2006, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health concluded that more than 2 million kids between 12 and 17 met the criteria for drug or alcohol dependence. Only 181,000 of them got treatment.

A teen who is addicted to drugs has different treatment needs than an adult with a dependence problem. Although the underlying concept of addiction is the same for anyone – there is a dysfunction in the reward system in the brain – the onset of addiction can be different. More specifically, the frontal lobe region of the brain, which controls impulse and immediate reward, is still developing in a teenager. This makes it harder for young people to make reasonable choices. Plus, if a predisposition to addiction is also there, it can cause an addiction to develop very suddenly. Because they can become addicted quickly, and may tend to use more drugs in a shorter period of time, coupled with the fact that their bodies are still developing, an addiction can have far worse consequences for a teenager than an adult.

It is important that treatment is sought. A teen using drugs regularly is not just experimenting or doing what “kids these days” do. Addiction is a disease that requires treatment. It is often caused by an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Growing up means having new concerns about things that you didn’t worry about as a kid. There are academic and social pressures to deal with, plus the physical changes occurring. It’s a stressful and sometimes overwhelming time. If a teen isn’t taught how to deal with these things in a healthy way, it can lead to depression, anxiety and even addiction.

Treatment Options for Teens
A teen needs a safe, friendly, and encouraging place. A comprehensive evaluation can determine what issues need to be addressed during therapy. In addition, the parents or guardians need to be involved in the treatment. Some may choose to do individual therapy on their own, or join groups for parents with children who have addictions.

A facility that offers customized therapy, such as Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, is a good solution for parents seeking help for their teenager. One type of treatment plan will not work for everyone. Each person has different needs that can be met through different types of therapy.

Here are some of the options available at Legacy Freedom, one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in Wilmington NC:
• Individual therapy
• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Educational therapy groups
• Family advising and education
• Holistic education
• Recovery planning for relapse prevention
• Recreational activities
• Team building
• Adventure therapy

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NCThere are both outpatient and inpatient programs available to teenagers depending which substance abuse treatment center in Wilmington NC you prefer. An advantage to an outpatient program is that he or she is still able to go to be at home with family. They can offer support on a day-to-day basis. A teen will also be able to continue going to school while in treatment, so that no one has to know he or she is getting help. Another advantage is that if a teen is in their regular environment while he or she is learning new coping skills, they can be applied right away.

The right type of therapy for a teen addicted to drugs can be different for everyone. It is up to the teen and their parents or loved ones to choose a treatment that appeals to them and will provide the help they need.

Affordable Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Wilmington NC | Legacy Freedom

Do you have a family member, or loved one, that struggles with substance abuse issues? Have they turned to drugs or alcohol to deal with life? If so, you probably know it’s time to get help. Call Legacy Freedom Center today to find out how we're different from the other substance abuse treatment centers in Wilmington NC. We can get your son or daughter the help they need to live the life they deserve.

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