Teen Alcohol abuse Part 3: Alcohol Rehab, Continued

Over the course of the past several blog posts, Legacy Freedom has talked in detail about teen alcohol abuse. From warning signs to coping tips and more, we've reached the end of our blog series. It is now time to talk about a scary, yet important part of helping your teen through this difficult time. Alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC might be the only way to help them get back on track with a healthy, addiction free lifestyle.

According to research done by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, teens who receive rehab during their adolescent years are less likely to become chronic substance abusers as adults.

With this in mind, it’s important to realize that teens are far different from adults that have an alcohol abuse problem. They must be approached carefully. The type of therapy they enter must also be tailored to fit their needs and personality.

The words alcohol rehab often make us think about a 30 day, move-in facility. One that doesn't allow any contact with family or the outside world. For most, that seems really scary. Especially for teens.  Being away from home, parents and other loved ones can be difficult and terrifying. It can also be counterproductive.

Teens that are struggling with alcohol abuse might seem to be independent and distant from family but honestly, family and loved ones are the only way teens will get through this difficult time. They need a support group to encourage them to go to therapy and if possible, go with them to therapy.

That's why Legacy Freedom is a unique, yet successful alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC. There are no overnight stays or 30 day live-in treatment plans. Instead, we offer your teen a better option.

Research shows that outpatient programs, like Legacy Freedom offers, provide higher success rates than other rehabs do.  During outpatient treatment programs, teens are able to engage in group, individual and alternative therapy. They will be involved in individual therapy, group counseling and alternative therapies. We tailor substance abuse treatment to fit their needs.

Legacy Freedom | Alcohol Rehab in Charlotte NC

If your teen son or daughter is suffering from a substance abuse problem, it's time to get them some help. While it’s easy for them to believe they are alone in this struggle that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are numerous teens and young adults dealing with addiction, all over the world.

Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. Contact Legacy Freedom if you’re teen needs alcohol rehab in Charlotte NC. We are here to help them get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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