Why Are Some Teens Addicts and Some Aren’t?

Columbus OH drug rehabWhy do some teens get addicted to drugs and alcohol, while others can experiment and not get hooked? That's the question the staff at our Columbus OH drug rehab facility will answer for you today.

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Why Do Some Teens Get Addicted and Some Do Not?

The Teenage Brain

We all know that teens are predisposed to making some bad choices. This is because their brains have not fully developed yet, specifically the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for maintaining self-control and making good decisions. When teenagers experiment with drugs, the damage to their underdeveloped brain can be long lasting, and sometimes irreversible. When a teenager uses drugs for the first time, their brains are flooded with extremely high and unnatural levels of dopamine. This wreaks havoc on the brain's reward system. Their brains now see a relationship between drugs and rewards.

This type of relationship can lead to addiction. However, the teenager's specific genetic makeup and other environmental factors lead to full blown addiction issues.

Genetic Risks and Addiction

Genetics play a big role in addiction. Because of genetics, some people are just more prone to become addicts. This is especially true if the teenager suffers from a mental illness, like depression, high anxiety, or is bipolar.

Other Environmental Risks That Contribute to Addiction

Another reason why some teens become addicts and some do not is because of a few environmental factors and risks. For instance, if the teenager lives with an adult or older sibling that abuses drugs, alcohol, or is involved in criminal behavior, they're more likely to follow in the same footsteps. Also, not having any parental supervision or guidance can also play a big role.

Another environmental factor is peer pressure. If teens have friends that are using drugs and alcohol, then resisting them could be too much to handle. Furthermore, peers using drugs means that there is an enhanced risk of more drugs being available at their school. This easy access can be too tempting to some, and can lead to a higher risk of addiction.

Final Thoughts

Teen addiction is a real problem that is not going away anytime soon. Parents, guardians, and teachers, need to be more in-tune with the lives of these teens to keep them safe and sober. We hope today's post helps you better understand the reasons for why some teens become addicts and so do not. If you have further questions about teenage addiction, please give us a call. For more information on our teenage appropriate treatment options, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help!

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