Talking to Your Kids about Addiction | Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH

You've completed the first step. You've admitted that you are powerless over your addiction. You have admitted that your life has become unmanageable and that you need help getting it back on track. Perhaps you've even made it past steps two, three and four.
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH

No matter where you are in your recovery, realizing what your addiction was doing to your children, family and friends probably helped get you here. We're glad you finally came to the conclusion that your kids deserved a better parent and your partner, a better spouse. The person you are when not lost in the cycle of addiction. After all, they're the ones that have seen you at your worst. When the substance abuse kept you far away, unhappy, disengaged, miserable, preoccupied, and unpredictable. We're sure you remember the times when you were being frightening or strange, and that simply made them sad.

No matter how you look at your addiction, your children experienced it and they will benefit from your recovery.

Healing With Honesty

Addiction separates us from ourselves and from our reality. It disconnects us from the emotional truths that we cannot confront. These dissociation and escapist traits of addiction entrap us with habitual behaviors. Recovery finally happens when we stop hiding from our present pain, confusion and circumstances. Lots of people suffering from addiction report problematic childhoods and absentee parents. We also hear stories of discomfort around identity, neglect, and many times - abuse.

In order to begin to heal, and to become people of integrity and flexibility again, we have to be completely honest with ourselves. You have to always be honest in order to stay sober. To stay clean, from this point on, you must not keep anything from yourself and be as open as a window. We must also become emotionally and intellectually honest with our family, especially our children. With honesty, we can begin to create connections again. A true emotional connection will allow the type of intimacy that can heal what your addiction has wronged.

In part two of this series we will discuss leading by example and how children of different ages might react to your addiction issues and recovery. We know you cannot do it alone, so when you are ready, give Legacy Freedom a call. We are a drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus,OH. We're pulling for you and your family. Call us today and get your life back.

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