Talking to Your Boss About Your Anxiety

Mental Health Facilities in Raleigh, NCWhen you have anxiety, functioning in your daily life can be exhausting. When you add in the pressures of work and deadlines as well as co-worker expectations or client demands it can make what would be an average day at the office for most feel like a constant panic attack. While discussing your anxiety with your boss may be the last thing you want to do, experts agree that talking with your supervisor about your mental health is important, especially when you feel like you're struggling at work as a result of your mental illness. If you're searching for quality mental health facilities in Raleigh, NC, call the pros at Legacy Freedom. We can help you.

Here are some tips on starting the conversation about your anxiety with your boss:

  • Set Boundaries for Yourself - Even though you have chosen to disclose your anxiety to your boss, you truly only have to reveal as much as you are comfortable with. You can say that you have a medical condition which makes it difficult to think clearly under pressure or you can be completely straightforward about your anxiety. The choice is yours. As the attitudes towards mental illness and mental health change in our society and in workplaces, employers are more likely to offer support rather than criticism to those who are proactive when it comes to managing their mental health.
  • Frame Your Anxiety as an Asset - Not every aspect of anxiety is a disadvantage, quite the contrary, actually. Anxious people tend to make great leaders because they are highly attuned to those around them. Along with anxiety comes the ability to hyper focus on small details, making anxious people a great choice for solving complex problems or running large projects where attention to detail is crucial. These are highly desirable qualities in the workforce. If your anxiety makes you hyper focused or better able to align with the team's needs, tell your boss and turn it into an asset for you.
  • Communicate Often - If you feel yourself beginning to struggle, give your boss a heads up. Asking to adjust your schedule to accommodate extra therapy appointments or taking a long lunch to practice meditation before a big presentation won't seem so strange if you keep your boss in the loop. You may find that your superior can offer a creative way for you to work from home for a few days before that big presentation in order to lessen your stress and allow you more time to focus in a quiet, comfortable space.
  • Ask for Accommodations if You Need Them - The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for employees with mental health concerns. Work together with your supervisor and your human resources department to get the accommodations you need. If your anxiety makes it impossible for you to sit with your back to the room and focus, you can ask to have your desk moved or switch cubicles with a coworker. Things that act as triggers for you, like loud noises, can also be accommodated by allowing you to use noise canceling headphones or working with your door closed.

Talking with your boss can seem frightening, but making the effort and being open and honest about your anxiety can really make a difference. Choosing to ask for the accommodations you need can help ensure that you have more good days than bad days at the office.

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