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In part one of this series we touched a lot on honesty. How honesty is the only path to freedom from substance abuse. Now, let's all be accountable. Let's finally start to be an example that others can be proud of. This means getting your head out of the sand. No more rationalizing your old behaviors. Your child, or children, have experienced the pain of your addiction and, as they are the ones you love most in the world, they deserve for you to be willing to face the facts.

When you admit to mistakes and apologize for failures, your children will recognize that also. They will understand that they are fallible too. Being fallible is okay. It's part of life. Expecting others to deal with your failures is not okay. We must be willing to be accountable for our own mistakes. When the person your children love and trust the most can admit fault, then they too will be able to do the same. They will expect the same of their future leaders. This is called integrity. You'll be teaching them a lifelong lesson.

Honesty with Teenagers

Talking to your kids about your addiction is hard enough. Have children in different age groups just adds an extra layer of complexity. If you have teenagers, they may be angry with you about your addiction. They are old enough to understand the consequences of using. They might have even seen some firsthand recreational use by their friends. If they are angry with you, do not take it personally. Put yourself in their shoes. You would also feel betrayed. It's human nature. Admittedly, you put using in front of the needs of your children, your family.

Allow your teen to be angry. Tell them how sorry you are and show them how you are making your life better. Whatever you do, do not say the phrase "you'll understand when you're older." This will only alienate them and make them feel worse. Tell them how much you love them, and let them see that you're mad at yourself too. Mean it! Don't ask for pity from your kids. Show them by healing. Actions speak louder than words. You will have to work hard to show your teenager that you are rebuilding your life in a positive way that will be beneficial to your family unit. This is the only way to rebuild the trust you've lost.

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