More Ways That Swimming Can Improve Your Mental Health

Columbus Mental Health ServiceWelcome back to our continuing series on the mental health benefits of swimming. In our previous post, we shared that researchers have linked better psychological health, improved happiness, and reduced anxiety with spending just 30 minutes in the pool three times a week. You don't just have to swim laps to reap the benefits of getting in the water. Group water workouts help reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. Still undecided if hitting the pool could improve your mental health? Here are some more mental health benefits to swimming. Need Columbus mental health service this summer? Call Legacy Freedom!

Reduce Stress
The rhythmic motion of swimming can put some people in a near-meditative state. This dramatically reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. When your brain relaxes as you swim the blood flow increases and you can enjoy a big boost of feel-good chemicals in your mind.

Taking Time Out
Getting in the pool and disconnecting from your phone, your family, and other stressors can help you refresh and rejuvenate so that you can think clearly and rationally. People are quickly overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. A swim helps calm the mind and leaves you feeling focused and energized.

Increased Self Confidence
It's no secret that swimming is a great physical workout. Regular swimmers develop toned bodies that can boost your self-confidence. Feeling better about your physical appearance can also improve your mood, help you overcome depression, and make you more likely to be active. Studies have shown that one of the keys to improving your mental health long-term is staying active.

Affordable 2018 Columbus Mental Health Service

At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we believe in using alternative treatment methods to help you improve your mental health. By combining traditional talk therapy with more than ten different alternative treatment offerings, we can create a care plan that is tailored to your mental health goals and interests. Using a holistic approach to mental health care we can help you heal as a whole person, not just focus on your mental illness. Together with your therapist you will uncover the root of your mental health issues and learn new and healthy ways to cope.

Our outpatient facility connects you with your peers and helps turn your friends and family into advocates for your recovery through group therapy sessions. You'll also have access to our staff dietician and physical therapist who can help you heal through regular exercise and proper nutrition. We know that asking for mental health help can be scary. At Legacy Freedom, we don't judge. Our dedicated and compassionate staff are eager to work with you to help you put your depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns behind you.

Getting started with the mental health care you need and deserve is easy. Our care team is ready to answer your call or chat with you via our website. Every conversation is confidential, and our focus is on improving your mental health and your quality of life.

What are you waiting for? Call or click to connect today and get started with quality holistic Columbus mental health service from Legacy Freedom!

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