How to Survive Your First Day Sober

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You have finally decided to get sober and give up your substance abuse. In a few years you will look back on this day and realize it was the best decision you ever made. Right now, your first day being sober can be pretty scary. You are probably feeling alone and freaked out. The stresses of giving up your crutches can be terrifying, especially if you're quitting something cold turkey. We are here to tell you that you are not alone. If fact, Legacy Freedom can help you. We offer the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH so you can get your life back on track. We'll treat you in a holistic manner and do things the right way. Call today and get the help you deserve.

We wanted to put together a few tips that you can use to stay sober. These are especially helpful if you are looking for an alternative to groups like AA.

Staying Active - You are turning over a new leaf and writing a new chapter. This is going to be confusing, kind of scary, and stressful for the first few days or weeks until you can get acclimated back to normalcy. Staying active can be crucial in avoiding an early relapse. Staying busy can be anything - just be active. Clean your living space from top to bottom. Get rid of any trigger items that might contribute to a relapse. Think of it as exercising your demons. Some patients that are new to recovery will pick up hobbies, start exercising and generally get themselves on a strict routine. You are going to want to mope around and be lazy, but don't. This will bring on cravings. Even doing something as simple as taking a walk can help occupy your mind so you can ease back into normalcy.

Staying active is not only important during the first few days, but also through your entire journey into sobriety. Sobriety is tough for all addicts. You will face daily struggles. Each day you will need to stick to your routine and keep your mind and body active. Remember, an active body is a healthy body.

Care For Yourself - Stop beating yourself up. Stop sitting around and criticizing yourself. Yeah, you made a lot of mistakes. You were out getting high and doing things you are not proud of. Guess what? That is really not helping you recover. You need to practice different coping methods. These negative thoughts and projections will only hurt you in the long run. Constantly thinking this way can also lead to depression and possibly even a relapse. Do something different like take a hot bubble bath. It might seem silly but you will be able to sit back, relax and clear your mind for a few minutes. Relish this time and think positive thoughts. You could also get a massage. Massage is a great holistic technique that we use at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH. You can even treat yourself to a nice delicious meal. Doing something nice for yourself should not make you feel guilty. If you start feeling guilt, remind yourself that it is a reward for being brave and getting help to become sober again.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH

Do you want to get sober but are in need of professional help? Reach out to our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH. Our programs have been tested to help you with your substance abuse problems. We can help you kick addiction using a holistic approach so you can get your life back. Call us today and ask us about our holistic programs for sobriety.

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