Surprising Ways to Relax When You Have Anxiety

therapy in Columbus, OHLiving with anxiety is exhausting. Often you feel as though you are unable to relax and rest because, as soon as you do, your mind starts to wander to thoughts that make you feel anxious. Feeling anxious is anything but restful and soothing. However, there are some surprising things that those who struggle with anxiety find soothing and calming. While not all of these may work for you, through trial and error, you may find that there are a few that leave you feeling less on edge and closer to zen. When you need anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH, Legacy of Columbus can help. Call now to learn more.

Listening to Podcasts or Audiobooks
For many who struggle with anxiety, turning their brains off and sinking into a bubble bath just doesn't work. Instead, occupy your mind by listening to an audiobook or a podcast on a topic that you don't know anything about. Challenging your mind may allow you to let go of your anxious energy and find rest. As an added bonus, you may learn something new or discover a new favorite author.

Cross Stitch, Knitting, or Crochet
These aren't just your grandma's hobbies! Anxiety often makes people fidget. Instead of playing on your phone, opt to get creative, engage your brain, and keep your hands occupied. Learning to cross stitch, knit, or crochet will occupy your brain with a new challenge and unknotting your yarn will keep your hands busy until you get it right. YouTube and local classes can help you get started. Love surprises in the mail? Check out monthly subscription boxes that deliver a new project to your door each month.

Drinking Something Hot or Cold
Feeling anxious? Make a cup of hot tea or pour a cold drink of water. The temperature shock to your system can disrupt the anxious thoughts in your mind and bring you back to center where you can turn your attention from anxious worries to something that will keep your mind busy in a soothing way.

Watching Trash TV
Getting caught up in mindless drama on a soap opera or a reality tv show can help take your mind off your worries and let you get lost in the characters and storyline of the show. Choose a show that is readily available on Netflix or other streaming services so that you don't have to wait for a new episode each week.

Worry Beads or Worry Stones
Having something on your wrist or in your pocket with a smooth, cool texture can help you feel more grounded. Touching or counting the beads or running your fingers over the stone in your pocket can help distract you from what made you anxious and help you get rid of that anxious energy.

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