Why Summer Can Be Tough When You Have a Mental Illness

Charlotte Mental Health TreatmentFor some, summer is anything but fun-filled and carefree. Feeling the pressure to turn off their mental illness and enjoy a happier and more exciting time can actually leave them feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Here are some of the most common reasons that people with mental illnesses feel overwhelmed in the summer. If you need holistic Charlotte mental health treatment, call Legacy Freedom.

Lack of Routine
Changes in the routine of your family or in your job can make it hard for you to cope, especially if you thrive on routine to help you manage your mental illness. Those who struggle with anxiety are easily overcome by the lack of routine and may find that they struggle to keep things in order during the summer months. For depression sufferers, the summer months and lack of routine make it challenging to get out of bed. With no deadline for dropping off kids and a more relaxed schedule at the office, the driving force to get you up and moving isn't there.

Body Confidence Issues
As the mercury climbs and clothes become more revealing, those who struggle with their self-esteem or who have scars from self-harming behaviors may find that the idea of going outside leaves them feeling alone and depressed. Struggling with the stares and comments about their bodies can make it difficult to leave the house without covering up and being too hot and miserable. The long days of summer take their toll and can further body dysmorphia, anxiety, and depression.

Pressure to Engage in Social Activities
When you have a social anxiety disorder, summertime can make you want to retreat indoors and turn off your phone. Many people feel obligated to go out to parties, events, and be around groups of people. However, those with social anxiety may find it difficult to get out and be a part of the action even more than usual. Body insecurities, the heat, and the exhaustion that comes from getting out and attending these events can cause depression to flare up along with anxious feelings about declining invitations and the overwhelming desire to avoid the situation altogether.

Increased Isolation
Friends and family who frequently travel during the summer can leave you feeling alone. This can increase instances of isolation and depression. Lacking the energy to keep up with travel and spur of the moment trips can leave those with mental illness feeling stuck inside and focused on their loneliness.

Holistic Charlotte Mental Health Treatment

If summer is endangering your mental health and well-being Legacy Charlotte can help. Our unique holistic approach to mental health care combines traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods to help you get the most complete mental health care. We know that it can be difficult to cope during the summer months, but the caring and compassionate staff at Legacy Freedom can help you learn positive ways to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings that make summer hard. Stop letting your mental illness control your life. Start your healing journey with Legacy Freedom's Charlotte mental health treatment today!

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