Summer Self Care Tips

Asheville, NC depression treatmentIt’s important to take care of yourself. Mental health disorders can cause serious strife for those who are suffering. Even when treatment is taking place, it’s important to maintain a healthy self care routine. This summer consider trying these options! Also be sure to stay tuned. This will be a three part series that offers several ways you can promote self care. Need Asheville, NC depression treatment this summer? Legacy can help. Call now!

  • Put down smartphones and other devices. Would you believe that taking a break from technology can be the best way to promote self care? Whether you’re using these devices for work, entertainment, or other reasons, taking a break from technology can help you slow down and rest. Especially avoid using electronics before bedtime. This summer, try to give yourself a break from all electronics for at least an hour during the day as well as one to two hours before going to sleep.
  • Take a trip to a new place. Whether you take a long weekend or full week, plan a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Take time to plan out this vacation beforehand so that everything will be ready for you when you get there.
  • Plan a staycation. This is a vacation that is spent at home. Instead of traveling to a new destination, take advantage of where you live. Research events and activities that are going on in or around the town or city you live in. Catch a music festival or visit a museum you’ve never been to. Take a picnic to the park. If you live in an area where hiking is popular, choose a trail you’ve never been on and spend the day in nature.

Join us again next time as we offer more ideas that can help you put self care at the top of your priority list this summer! These great options will help you do that!

Best Summertime Asheville, NC Depression Treatment

Sometimes, professional treatment from a facility like Legacy Freedom of Asheville is the only way to rise above stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem and symptoms you encounter with these disorders. We offer tailored treatments that help the direct needs of each of our patients. Support structures are a vital part of all recovery ventures.

Several of our therapies occur in a group setting, surrounding you with the support you need to get back on the right path. It’s important to consider getting help, especially when you're unable to get back on track on your own.

If you’d like to speak with our therapist about any type of mental health disorder and treatment, feel free to contact us for Asheville, NC depression treatment you can trust. We have a mental health therapist standing by to help you regain your strength and find the path to health and recovery. Call Legacy of Asheville now.

Here, you'll find the other blogs in this series. Be sure to use these tips to help promote self care this summer!


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