Summer Self Care Tips, Part Two

counselor in Asheville, NCWelcome back! We are here to talk more about how you can take care of yourself this summer! When struggling with mental illness, no matter what type of treatment you're undergoing, it's important to promote self care. Here, you'll find more tips that can help! If you missed our previous blog, you'll find the link to it at the end of this article. If you need to speak with a counselor in Asheville, NC this summer, call Legacy.

  • Spend time by a swimming pool. Whether it’s a community pool or one owned by family or friends, spend as much time there as possible this summer. Just like with moving water, swimming in a pool and relaxing there can be very calming and restful. It can also be exciting, especially if there are kids around. Have fun and let the stresses of your week fade away.
  • Set your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier each morning. Sometimes, it sounds more restful to sleep in. However, waking up 30 minutes earlier each day can help you rejuvenate. Use the extra time to take a walk, read something inspirational, sit down with a cup of coffee, or meditate. Whatever you choose to do with your time, make sure it’s something that is quiet and relaxing. This is a great way to get your day started off on a great positive note.
  • Take a walk. Whether you do this in the mornings or evenings, taking a walk and spending time in nature is a great way to promote great self care. Of course, it’s also a good way to add fitness into your daily life, reduce stress, and inspire yourself to continue with self care.

We hope these tips help you focus on one of the most important parts of life: self care! If you're ready to learn more about how to promote self care this summer, stay tuned for our final installment of this series!

Holistic Counselor in Asheville, NC

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Here, you'll find the other blogs in this series. Be sure to use these tips to help promote self care this summer!

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