Can Sugar Impact Men’s Mental Health?

Therapist in Columbus, OHIt's common knowledge that consuming too much sugar is bad for your physical health. People who consume large amounts of sugar in their diet risk health problems like heart disease, tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes. New studies have found that there is a link between sugar consumption and an increased risk of depression and anxiety. The study results were based on a group of 7,000 study participants over 22 years. If you need to talk to a qualified therapist in Columbus, OH, contact Legacy Freedom. We can help you.

Participants who consumed 67 grams of sugar each day had a 23% higher chance of experiencing a mental health disorder after five years. Researchers took into account the socio-demographic diet-related factors and outside health behaviors of the study group. A 2002 study found that high sugar diets impacted the behavioral brain function by influencing the brain chemicals known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Disrupting this chemical can decrease the ability to form and process new memories.

While sweets may induce feelings of happiness in the short term, the intake of sugary foods at high levels has the opposite effect on long-term mental health. So how do men with a sweet tooth combat their cravings and reduce the risk to their mental health?

Full-fat Greek Yogurt with Granola and Honey
A sweet craving can be satisfied by this good for you parfait. Yogurt contains depression fighting probiotics while the honey reduces inflammation in the brain. A little crunch from the granola and extra sweetness from a handful of berries make this snack an excellent choice to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Granola Bars with Chocolate
These bars are rich in omega-3 filled ingredients like flaxseed. Homemade granola bars can give you a hint of sweetness and provide your body with water-soluble fiber that keeps you feeling full and curbs mood swings.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
Boost your mood and have your dessert, too! Filled with omega-3s and dark cocoa powder that help reduce depression and anxiety, this nutritious pudding will leave you feeling great and your sweet tooth satisfied.

A Dependable Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OH

If changing your diet isn't improving your mental health, it may be time to call Legacy Freedom and speak with a qualified therapist in Columbus, OH. Thousands of men have found the answers to their struggle with depression and anxiety in the holistic mental health treatments offered by Legacy Freedom of Columbus. Getting to the root of your depression and anxiety helps you learn to cope with it in a positive and productive way. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies, Legacy Freedom puts the focus on you and your needs, not just your mental health. Creating a care plan that is tailored to your mental health goals and your interests keeps you engaged in your therapeutic journey.

For more information on Legacy Freedom and our alternative therapy methods, check out our previous blog posts. Join us next time when we look at more ways that sugar impacts the mental health of men.

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