Can Sugar Impact Men’s Mental Health? continued

mental health facilities in Columbus, OHAs we continue to look at the impact of sugar on the mental health of men we begin to focus on ways that men can reduce the amount of sugar they consume each day. In our previous post, we discussed the impact of sugar consumption on mental health. Studies have shown that too much sugar increases the risk of developing depression for men. New studies are focused on the effects of sugar on men and a connection to developing mood disorders. If you are a guy who has a big sweet tooth and have noticed you seem to be feeling blue a change in diet may help. Searching for mental health facilities in Columbus, OH in 2018? Call Legacy Freedom.

Here are some foods to try that can help you satisfy your sweet tooth and reduce the amount of processed sugar you are consuming.

Banana-almond-flax smoothie
Omega-3s have been linked to fighting anxiety and depression. Almonds and flax are chock full of these Omega 3s, and bananas are a good source of potassium.

Buckwheat pancakes
Pancakes are a great option for breakfast or dinner. Packed with flavonoids, these delicious pancakes can help fight stress.

Whole-grain cereal with blueberries
Pick your favorite milk, sprinkle with the berries, and enjoy a mental health boost. Most cereals contain vitamin B which has been linked to good mental health and if you choose milk that contains vitamin D you're fighting depression as well. Blueberries add a little bit of sweetness to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Mid-day meals can be complicated. Stress from your morning at work can have you feeling the need to eat something you want rather than something that is good for you. If your stressful day has you craving sweets, opt for these lunches with a little touch of citrus or berry to help you beat those feelings.

Avocado, beet, and citrus salad
Beets increase happiness because they are rich in folate. Citrus reduces distress with vitamin C, while the avocados help power your brain for the afternoon with healthy fats. Squeeze a little extra lemon juice in and enjoy an even more prominent brain boost from the flavonoids.

Turkey burger with sweet potato fries
Filled with mood-boosting vitamin B6, sweet potatoes are the perfect side. Add in a turkey burger with tryptophan to boost serotonin, and this is a feel-good lunch you can feel good about.

By the end of the day, making dinner is probably the last thing you want to do. Creating a healthy meal with depression, anxiety, and stress fighting ingredients that can keep you away from the cookies and candy is worth the extra energy.

Spaghetti with steamed mussels
Most shellfish are loaded with B12 which is known to boost your mood. Carbs, protein, and good fats can help stop feelings of depression.

Walnut-miso noodles
If you can't stop craving something sweet, let the nutty sweetness of these crunchy oven toasted walnuts do the trick. Full of Omega 3s, walnuts are known to fight anxiety and depression. Whole wheat pasta is a complex carb that increases serotonin levels.

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