• Joseph’s Story

    When I came to Legacy Freedom, I was willing to do anything I had to do to save my life.…

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  • Kevin’s Story

    After some medical issues a few years ago I became addicted to prescription pain killers. I was in a rough…

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  • Sarah’s Story

    Our son continued his recovery from alcohol and drug abuse at Legacy, Charlotte, he found the three months that he…

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  • Richard’s Story

    I have struggled with addiction, mainly alcohol and prescription pain killers since I was 14 years old. Throughout my life…

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  • Ed’s Story

    Alcohol and marijuana were the drugs of my choice. I have been trying to get sober for 5 years on…

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  • Ellis’s Story

    I first would like to thank everyone at Legacy treatment center for their hard work and sincere love for me…

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  • Susie’s Story

    During my time as a patient at Legacy Freedom I learned a few things. First that not all recovery programs…

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  • Robert’s Story

    I came to Legacy in a state of disrepair. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was exhausted. I had finally had…

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