Substance Abuse in Teens: Facts

Did you know that 11% of all alcohol consumed in the U.S. is by teens and young adults, ages 12-20? Around 23 million people 12 years of age or older used illicit drugs in 2010, alone. While that might be hard to believe, it's true. Even our drug rehab in Charlotte sees teens and young adults that are in need of substance abuse treatment before they're even able to drive a car legally.

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Substance Abuse in Teens and Young Adults

In our last post, we began talking about National Substance Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and today, our Charlotte rehab will continue to raise awareness of the importance of preventing substance abuse in teens and young adults.

When thinking of teen and young adult substance abuse addictions in terms of financials, it’s estimated that a whopping $400 million or more is lost each year due to substance abuse. Lost productivity costs, money spent on crime control involving drug or alcohol abuse, and money spent on healthcare for those that have overdosed on drugs or fallen victim to the throws of alcohol poisoning.

It has become very evident that substance abuse prevention is the only strategy to really target the root of the initial problem. Prevention is the only way to stop drug and alcohol abuse so that people can lead healthy lives.

Prevention strategies targeting the root of the problem are essential to curb drug use and help people lead healthier lives. Early intervention helps prevent substance abuse and reduce the negative consequences of addiction before they occur. Through community-based efforts involving youth, parents, educators, and government officers, we can strengthen the support systems that deter our nation's young people from drug consumption and improve both academic performance and workforce readiness.

Two years ago, The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy issued a "2012 National Drug Control Strategy". Within that policy, it stated that each member would invest $1.00 in an evidence-based prevention program to help reduce costs related to substance use disorders. The strategy includes new developments in efforts to reduce drug use and its consequences and outlines a research-based blueprint to reduce the rate of drug use and drug use consequences by 15 percent over five years.

Substance Abuse Prevention | Drug Rehab Charlotte

For more information on substance abuse prevention in teens and young adults, be sure to visit back with our drug rehab in Charlotte, soon. Also be sure to contact our rehab center if you or someone you know needs help with drug or alcohol recovery. We are here to help you in your time of need.

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