How Substance Abuse Is Ruining Your Marriage

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Asheville NCSubstance abuse can ruin all types of relationships, especially when it comes to marriage. Addicts are often unhappy. This also results in married couples becoming unhappy, as well. Sometimes, the relationship can be salvaged with marriage counseling. But, if the addiction becomes worse, there could be too much damage that comes from it. Emotionally, both parties in this relationship become taxed. Then a distance begins to form. When this happens, arguments and domestic violence can become a common theme in married couples. If you are struggling with addiction, or your spouse is, below you'll find a few ways that it can ruin a perfectly healthy marriage. If you're searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC, please call Legacy Freedom.

Once addicted to drugs, the most reliable person can become unreliable when it comes to holding a steady job, keeping up with finances, and making sure bills are paid. Unfortunately, drugs can alter the way you think and feel. Once a dependency on drugs or alcohol becomes an issue, it's hard to keep employment up and make house payments or car payments instead of buying drugs and more. Becoming unreliable when it comes to providing for their family is common among addicts.

Because drugs are costly, they become the focus for finances. Even families with children who need clothing or have expenses for education and other needs typically suffer so the one dependent on drugs can get their next fix without being strapped for cash. As you can imagine, this will put a strain on any marriage. Putting buying drugs before making house payments, buying things for children, and food will ruin any type of relationship.

Addiction can affect an entire family. When a marriage becomes strained due to a chemical dependency, in-laws often start coming to their adult child's defense. When a spouse is addicted to drugs, it's hard to stand by and watch. It's also hard for the addict's parents, as well. Even siblings become torn and overwhelmed. When the whole family is affected by drugs, it puts an even bigger strain on a marriage. Also know that all substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC are not the same. Call Legacy Freedom for rehab you can trust.

When children are involved, addiction is even more difficult to deal with. Because drugs can cause someone to act completely different, often recklessly and carelessly, children should not be involved. This situation can ruin a marriage, as well. Because the one who's responsible for taking care of the children has trouble allowing the addict to be around their kids, anger, animosity and stress can be present both within the spouse dealing with the addict and the addict.

It's hard to trust someone who has turned to drugs or alcohol in order to feel normal. Addiction leaves individuals always wanting more. They're never satisfied because substance abuse leaves them confused, angry and out of sorts. Their brain truly believes that they cannot function properly without more drugs or alcohol. When this is the case, spouses can feel jealous, angry and frustrated that substances are the addict's only focus.

In some cases, abuse, physically, mentally and verbally, becomes a problem. Aggression and violence are at the forefront of the relationship. This can quickly ruin a marriage. It's also very dangerous. Non-addicted spouses become confused, overwhelmed, and severely stressed or depressed. They're constantly wondering what they may do next to set their addicted spouse off. When children are involved, it causes an even greater danger and stress.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Asheville NCAddiction and dishonesty go hand-in-hand. As you can imagine, honesty is a major part of a marriage. It's difficult to trust someone who doesn't tell the truth. Addicts constantly lie to themselves and those around them so that they can cover up their substance abuse issues. Without honesty and trust, it's very hard to have a real, meaningful marriage.

Sometimes, non-addicted spouses become burdened by mental illnesses. PTSD, depression, anxiety and other physiological illnesses can play a major role when married to someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. It's difficult to understand why a loved one turned to substance abuse. Were they not happy? Was the marriage too much for them to handle? Should you have even gotten married in the first place? All of these questions and more play a part in the physiological illness and pain that can come from a strained marriage due to addiction.

If you suspect substance abuse is ruining your marriage, you might be right. Below, you will find several signs and scenarios that can help you determine whether or not this is the case. If you find that addiction is destroying your marriage, it's important to seek help. Alternative, holistic therapy is available for recovery. Don't assume that this is your normal life now. Help is available.

  • Do you constantly argue with your spouse about how much money is being spent without knowing where it's going?
  • Is calling in sick to work becoming their new normal routine?
  • After arguments, does your spouse openly use drugs or alcohol?
  • Are they staying out late and refusing to tell you where they were?
  • Is your spouse having trouble keeping their anger and frustration controlled?
  • Do you feel like you never spend quality time with your spouse anymore?
  • Does your spouse's family ask questions about where they've been, what they're doing and why they are not going to work?

It's hard to believe that addiction might be the cause of your damaged marriage. However, many people deal with the same situation. Thankfully, there is a way to help your spouse recovery from addiction and get back on track to a happy and healthy marriage.

If you're interested in learning more about our holistic, outpatient therapy programs, contact Legacy Freedom today. You and your spouse will be amazed at the differences or facility offers addicts who need personalized care for substance abuse.

Working towards rebuilding your relationship will be difficult. It's a long road that will take time and patience. Try your best to be honest, forgiving, and, above all, understanding. This process won't be easy. However, that doesn't mean that it won't happen. It will. Just be prepared to take as long as needed to get back on the right track with your loved ones.

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