Substance Abuse Declining Among Teens

There is hope for our children in a world that has been tarnished with an over-abundance of substance abuse! We are proud to bring you information from a survey done in 2015 that suggests drug, alcohol and tobacco use in teens is declining!

Substance Abuse Declining Among Teens | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

According to, "The 2015 Monitoring the Future survey (MTF) shows decreasing use of a number of substances, including cigarettes, alcohol, prescription opioid pain relievers, and synthetic cannabinoids (“synthetic marijuana”). Other drug use remains stable, including marijuana, with continued high rates of daily use reported among 12th graders, and ongoing declines in perception of its harms."

This is great news for parents and loved ones that want nothing more than to shield their children from the dangerous addictions that can come from substance abuse.

Below, you'll find several statistics and information found in the survey conducted last year.

  • For the first time, daily marijuana use exceeds daily tobacco cigarette use among 12th graders.
  • Daily marijuana use for this group remained relatively stable at 6 percent, compared to 5.5 percent reporting daily cigarette smoking (down from 6.7 percent in 2014).
  • Binge drinking (described as having five or more drinks in a row within the past two weeks) is 17.2 percent among seniors, down from 19.4 percent last year and down from peak rates in 1998 at 31.5 percent.
  • Cigarette smoking rates have greatly declined among teens in recent years. For example, among 10th graders, there has been a 54.9 percent drop in daily smoking in just five years, reported at just 3 percent this year compared to 6.6 percent five years ago.
  • 37.7 percent of 12th graders say they have been drunk in the past year, compared to 41.4 percent in 2014 and 53.2 percent in 2001, when rates were highest for that group.
  • High school seniors see a distinction in potential harmfulness between one or two drinks nearly every day (21.5 percent) versus four to five drinks nearly every day (59.1 percent).
  • Use of prescription opioids continues its downward trend, with 4.4 percent of high school seniors reporting non-medical use of Vicodin (hydrocodone and acetaminophen), down from a peak of 10.5 percent in 2003.
  • Most teens abusing prescription opioids report getting them from friends or family members. However, one-third report getting them from their own prescriptions, underscoring the need to monitor teens taking opioids and evaluate prescribing practices.

The survey was conducted on almost 50,000 students in over 300 schools across the U.S. Legacy Freedom, drug rehab in Charlotte NC is proud of the fact that the numbers are dropping to all time lows!

Teens Are Still At Risk

While this is great news, it's important to understand that our teens are still at risk for substance abuse. Addiction doesn't discriminate. Whether or not your adolescent falls victim to substance abuse all depends on each, individual situation.

Why is every teen at risk for using drugs or alcohol? Temptations are everywhere. Friends are using, favorite movie or TV characters are shown having fun, drinking alcohol, liquor cabinets are easily accessible at home or at a friend's house party. There are so many areas of our teen's lives that allow them to come face to face with temptations.

This is why it's still important to monitor our kids and what they're doing. Remember to keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms so that you're not overlooking any kind of questionable behavior.

Substance Abuse Signs and Symptoms

  • Won't allow you to meet new friends
  • Withdrawn
  • Vomiting
  • Unpredictable behaviors
  • Uninterested in sports, hobbies or other extra activates they've always enjoyed
  • Unexpected drop in grades at school
  • Tremors
  • Surly or moody every time you talk to them or see them
  • Smoke or alcohol smells on the skin, hair or clothing
  • Puffiness around cheeks and eyes
  • Excessive nausea
  • Mood swings
  • Lies about activities
  • Insomnia
  • Inexplicable weight loss or gain
  • Glassy eyes
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Ditches old friends for new ones
  • Depressed behavior
  • Completely uninterested in typical grooming or hygiene
  • Gets caught in lies about where they are or have been
  • Asks family members for money
  • Asks parents for money frequently
  • Angry
  • Aggressive for no reason

If you think your teen is suffering from an addiction, don't loose hope. There are substance abuse treatment programs that can help. Consider the following options for your child:

  • Educational therapy groups
  • Family advising and education
  • Holistic education
  • Individual therapy
  • Recovery planning for relapse prevention
  • Recreational activities
  • Team building

Drug rehab in Charlotte NC isn’t like any other type of rehab your teen will experience. We offer the following to those struggling with drug or alcohol use, in hopes to help them learn what life without drugs and alcohol will be like:

  • adventure therapy
  • comprehensive onboarding and evaluation
  • drug testing
  • dual diagnosis
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • individual counseling focused on the individual’s needs
  • life skills
  • parental support and assistance

Teenage years are difficult for adolescences. It's a time where they're expected to be more responsible, plan for the future, do well at school and yet still somehow manage to act like the child they're not ready to let go of. It's a hard time for parents as well. One thing is for certain, there are professionals out there that can help you both during this time. If your teen is using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism for pressures in life contact us.

We hope this information helps you and your teenage son or daughter with prevention of substance abuse. The dangers of using drugs or alcohol at a young age is serious. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Legacy Freedom. We are here to help.

Legacy Freedom | Drug Rehab in Charlotte NC

Do you think your teen son or daughter is suffering from an addiction and aren’t sure where to turn next? Regardless of how bad your drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. You’re not alone in this. Recovery is just a phone call or visit away. Contact Legacy Freedom to learn about drug rehab in Charlotte NC and our highly successful outpatient therapy. We are here to help you get back on track to a healthier, happier life.

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