Suboxone Addiction

drug rehab in raleigh NCSuboxone is used in medication assisted treatment programs. It’s a combination of two drugs - buprenorphine and naloxone - that work together to suppress withdrawal symptoms of someone addicted to opiates. It also helps to block the effects of a “real” opiate if the user were to relapse. It was approved as a treatment in recovery programs in 2002.

Like any drug, it had potential for abuse, and has since been added to the list of prescription drugs that are being used illegally. Need specialized drug rehab in Raleigh NC? Call Legacy Freedom today!

Suboxone Addiction and Abuse

In treatment programs, it can be an effective tool in helping an opiate addict deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings because it tricks the brain into thinking it has had a dose of a drug without giving the user the same sense of euphoria as taking the real drug. People who have taken it say it makes them feel balanced and normal.

Although it’s not as widely available because of federal regulations that limit how many prescriptions a doctor can write, it’s less controlled than methadone, another drug used in addiction treatment. People in programs that use methadone generally have to go to highly-regulated clinics on a daily or weekly basis for their dose of the drug. Suboxone users can be prescribed a month’s supply at a time.

The drug was made to limit its use recreationally, but it can still occur. It doesn’t cause the same high because of the way it was developed – it has a ceiling effect that doesn’t allow a higher dosage to give a stronger result. That doesn’t stop people from abusing it, though.

It’s often taken with other drugs such as other opiates, alcohol and marijuana. It can be hard to detect if someone is abusing it, but there are signs that can indicate a problem including:

• Poor performance at work or school
• Loss of interest in normal activities
• Being distant toward family and friends
• Sleeping too much or not at all
• Engaging in behaviors such as lying, cheating and stealing

Another strong sign that someone is abusing suboxone is “doctor shopping.” That’s when someone goes to different doctors in order to get prescriptions. Sometimes people will go to the emergency room in order to get drugs.

The side effects of taking suboxone include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of coordination, insomnia and sweating. It can also cause depression, poor memory and erratic moods. Like any opiate, taking it can suppress the respiratory system, especially when combined with alcohol.

If someone were to quit taking suboxone “cold turkey” without being under the care of a doctor, they can have severe physical withdrawal symptoms. It’s usually recommended that someone be weaned off it slowly. Aside from the physical side effects of suboxone detox, the psychological effects can be just as difficult and make someone feel as if they’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Withdrawal from any drug can be too much for one person to handle, but there are treatment centers that can help.

Holistic and Alternative Drug Rehab in Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom

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