New Study Finds 2 Million Mexican Youths Need Rehab

substance abuse treatment centers in columbus OHIn a recent article from the Mexican News Daily, reports from their National Council Against Addictions, or Conadic, has estimated that currently over 2 million Mexican youths need substance abuse treatment for drugs and alcohol problems.

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Mexico's Youths and Drugs

The data we're reviewing in today's post comes from the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use Among Students. This survey was given out to public and private schools in Mexico's 32 states. Based on the findings, the addiction problems facing Mexico's youth are heartbreaking. Youths as young as 10 years old are consuming illegal drugs. This age was two years younger than what health officials had previously thought.

Data compiled from the survey also shows addiction issues prevalent among 80,000 young men and 50,000 young women. These adolescents were in secondary and preparatory schools who required immediate, serious help. Over 311,000 men and 260,000 women showed signs of needing counseling sessions or a short stay in a treatment center.

Manuel Mondragón is the chief of Conadic. He said, “713,963 secondary and preparatory school students need to be treated for use of drugs, and 1.674 million for abuse of alcohol. The question is, where are we going to treat them, and who will provide the treatment? What are our infrastructural capabilities?”

Figures stated in the original say that close to 1.8 million elementary to preparatory students have admitted trying illegal drugs. 152,000 are fifth and sixth-graders. This data claims that their first experience was with marijuana, followed by inhalants and cocaine. 108,000 have admitted to using marijuana between one and five times.

For alcohol abuse, 1.5 million secondary and preparatory school students have admitted to getting drunk, and over 110,000 elementary school students have also claimed to have been drunk.

Chihuahua, Jalisco, State of México, the Federal District and San Luis Potosí are the states most affected. Within those states, 9 of every 10 children in Michoacán, Campeche and Quintana Roo have admitted to trying or abusing harder drugs, such as cocaine. At the moment, officials are trying to address how to deal with the rising epidemic. They've stated taking actions like shutting down stores that sell to minors could make a large impact, as well as revisiting legalization of certain current illegal drugs.

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