Being an Overly Strict Parent Can Drive Your Kids to Addiction

Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NCMost parents strive to give their children a good moral compass. They focus on teaching them right from wrong, helping them learn to be honest, how to be hard workers and upstanding members of their community. In the quest to instill these values in their children, parents employ a variety of methods. Some parents choose to let their children learn through experience, while other parents choose to give their children strict rules and guidelines to adhere to. A recent study conducted by the European Institute of Studies on Prevention (IREFREA) in conjunction with Spanish and European Universities examined the role that authoritarian parents play in the likelihood that their children will develop problems with addiction. For the best drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC in 2018 for teens, call Legacy Freedom.

The study determined that parents who embraced a more indulgent style of parenting and those who choose to approach parenting more authoritatively were equally likely to raise children with addiction issues. Strict parenting is failing to achieve the desired result. Children raised by stricter parents were likely to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. Researchers blame demand resistance for the addiction problems that these children from stern parents face. Kids who are raised with unrealistic expectations are more likely to develop this pattern of defiant behavior.

At first, children will be happy to comply with their parent's expectations. However, once the child realizes that no matter what they do they will always fall short, they begin to rebel against the demands of their rigorous raising and demand resistance has developed. Once the parent becomes aware of the child's substance abuse and tries to discipline them for the behavior, the child may work to cover up their drug or alcohol use. Demand resistance is a learned coping mechanism that can make it harder to overcome the addiction because of the tendency to rebel rather than comply. Though parenting style is not solely to blame for a drug or alcohol addiction, it does play a crucial role in the way that children approach these substances. When given too much freedom it is not surprising that they take advantage and begin to abuse drugs or alcohol. With too many regulations and demands on them, the risk that a child will use alcohol or drugs to rebel is high. If your teen needs drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, Legacy should be your number one choice. Call today.

Authoritative parenting has also been linked to multiple risk factors for addiction including anxiety, depression, chronic stress, aggressive behavior, and loneliness. By controlling their children, overly strict parents can inhibit their child's ability to fulfill their own fundamental needs. All human beings need to be able to express their autonomy or free will, their relatedness or how they feel fulfilled and connected to others, and their competence or the faith in their ability to meet challenges in life. By restricting a child's ability to meet and fulfill these needs through overly zealous parenting, many kids opt to create an illusion of fulfillment by relying on addictive substances.

2018 Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NC for Teens

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh NC, we know that watching your child or someone you love struggle with addiction is devastating. We have helped thousands of clients overcome their addictions through our holistic approach to substance abuse. For those who need help breaking the hold of opioids in their life, Legacy is proud to offer Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) featuring suboxone in conjunction with our exceptional therapeutic program.

By combining traditional talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, our approach to substance abuse treatment is unlike any other treatment program you have experienced. Each client is assigned a Life-Purpose coach to help you reignite your passions and reclaim the joy that addiction has stolen from your life. Through one-on-one therapy, you will uncover the root of your addictive behaviors. Whether you use drugs to bury painful memories, overcome low self-esteem, to feel fulfilled, or to self-medicate for an undiagnosed mental health condition, your therapist will help you identify and learn to cope with the underlying cause without using drugs or alcohol.

Group therapy provides you a chance to connect with and find support from your peers. Surrounding yourself with people who understand the struggles you face as you work to get sober can help you feel motivated towards maintaining your sobriety and living a healthy lifestyle. We also encourage friends, family members, and loved ones to be a part of your recovery process when appropriate. For many of our clients, finding the strength and determination to work through the challenging emotions that drive their addiction comes from those they love.

Alternative drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC is also a large part of our substance addiction treatment program at Legacy Freedom. We utilize and offer more than ten different alternative therapies for our clients to choose from. Your care team will help you find the right combination of treatments for your interests and therapy needs. Whether you select yoga, tai chi, EMDR therapy, or inner child work, let our team of expert clinicians teach you new ways to confront and overcome the underlying causes of your substance addiction.

Helping yourself or someone you love break the chains of addiction begins with a call or a click to connect with our care team. Drug and alcohol addiction doesn't have to be a part of your story. Taking back control and learning to live without using is possible! No matter how long you have been using or how big your addiction seems, Legacy Freedom can help. Begin your journey towards living a sober and purpose-filled life today!



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