How to Have a Stress Free Holiday!

therapists in Columbus, OHThe pressure to make your holiday season perfect is everywhere. From the glossy magazine photos of huge spreads of homemade holiday treats to pictures of perfectly wrapped presents under an immaculately decorated tree, holiday pressures lurk everywhere. Add in the stress of seeing distant family, extra social functions, and financial strain, and you have a recipe for a very un-merry season. If you need to speak with therapists in Columbus, OH this holiday, let the pros at Legacy help you. Call now.

Combating holiday stress should be on the top of your to-do list. Before you head to the mall, wrap another gift, or crank up your favorite carols and try to power through, give these helpful stress-busting tips a read:

Ditch tradition for what matters. When it comes to holiday traditions, only do the ones your family truly enjoys. Forgo high-stress or expensive rituals for alternatives that everyone can enjoy. If your family has outgrown your current traditions or no one is interested in them anymore, create new traditions together that are better suited to your family's interests and budget.

Put away the to-do list. When you are taking part in activities this season like trimming the tree or preparing a special meal, stop focusing on what's left to do and be present in the moment instead.

Beat the holiday travel woes. Traveling at the holidays is an exercise in patience. When booking your flights, allow yourself a day of wiggle room to account for weather delays and mechanical issues. Also, be sure to carry snacks and a change of clothes with you. Should you get stranded both will help you make the best of the situation. Skip lugging gifts with you and have them shipped to your destination directly instead.

Be selfish, just a little. Carve out time during the holiday season to do one thing that you enjoy. Whether it is curling up with a book on Christmas afternoon or going caroling with friends, finding something that brings you joy during the season helps keep the holiday stress away.

Let someone else assemble large gifts. Paying someone to assemble a bicycle or a hang a television may seem like a silly expense, but think of all the time (and stress) you will be saving by allowing a professional to assemble or install your gift for you. You rest assured that it will be done right and now you are free to enjoy the traditions that make your season bright.

Don't overdo it. Skip the temptation to drag out all the holiday decorations. Bring out only the ones that are most special and meaningful to you and your family. The rest can be put out if there is time but the goal is for your home to look festive, not like a showplace.

Therapists in Columbus, OH For The Holidays

Feeling stressed and anxious after the holidays are through? Let the professional team at Legacy Freedom help. We have worked with thousands of clients to overcome their anxiety and stress with positive coping methods. Utilizing our comprehensive approach to mental health, we can help you become mindful and present without letting the hustle and bustle of everyday life disturb your peace.

Our proven method combines traditional talk therapy and alternative therapies to create a caring approach that puts you, not your mental illness at the center of attention. Learn more about our holistic approach to mental health and our alternative therapy offerings on our blog.

The help you need to take control of your life is waiting for you at Legacy Freedom of Columbus. Connect with us today and begin your journey to living without stress and anxiety with the best therapists in Columbus, OH.

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