How to Stop Lying to Yourself

Greensboro NC Alcohol RehabAre you continually lying your way through life in order to cover up an addiction? If so, leading this life is hard. While lying does become second nature it will eventually cause further damage to your mental state, as well as keep you on the path of using drugs.

In our previous blog post we talked about lying to yourself and others about addiction. Sometimes, understanding why you lie can help you stop, but there are other ways to completely stop dishonesty.

Recognize the problem – Addiction is more than likely the root of all the dishonesty. Because this is the case, take a look at yourself. No one is perfect, but denying the truth isn't about that. Continually remind yourself that you're lying to avoid the truth of your addiction. Then, take time to assess your entire situation. Is addiction running your life? Do you lie to others to keep your addiction a secret? Do you believe that you are not addicted? Part of recognizing the problem is constantly reminding yourself of your downfalls. Then, consider drug rehab. It's the only way to break the habit of lying and find recovery.

Face emotions instead of avoiding them – You're going to have negative feelings. You're also going to want to lie instead of processing your emotions. Instead of avoiding the negativity, consider facing it and processing it. Don't allow yourself to avoid reality. Meditate, center your mind and think about your negative feelings rather than avoiding them.

Break the habit – While this is going to be very hard, stopping yourself from relying on lying as second nature is a great first step in the right direction. Keep your mind and heart in line with one another. Don't give yourself a chance to lie. Face the truth and speak honestly.

Be honest – Even when you think your lies are simple and harmless, always speak the truth. This is a great way to break the habit. If your friend is wearing a less than attractive outfit, don't tell them you love their look. Instead, let them know how good it is to see them. Be genuine and honest at all times. If you have nothing nice to say, refrain from saying it or lying about it.  Instead, replace it with something true and genuine.

We hope these tips help you recognize lying and how you can stop it. Much like addiction, lying is a disease that begins to eventually take over and become second nature. With these tips and ones from our previous blog post we hope that you can stop lying and learn to live life in an honest and open way.

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