Every Day You’re Sober Is a Really Big Deal

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Embrace your sobriety, it's a really big deal. You need to learn how to love counting each day, week, month, and year that passes. Not only this, but share your success with others. Announce your milestones to the world and let your loved ones share in your accomplishments. You're doing something a lot of addicts are scared of doing, and that's giving up substance abuse and living a healthy life instead. Legacy Freedom, the leading facility for drug rehab Raleigh NC services, wants you to know that recovery is really hard and every day that you are sober should be celebrated. You're getting a second chance at life, so welcome it. If you need help and support, give us a call. Our counselors are ready to help you at any time.

No Shame

I feel terrible when I see recovering addicts not celebrating their sobriety. Recovering addicts that are moping around feeling sorry for themselves are really just a relapse waiting to happen. Some just dismiss these accomplishments as ordinary events, and will hide their milestones from family and friends. I think recovering addicts often feel a degree of shame and thus internalize a lot things. By announcing that you're celebrating being sober, you're also announcing that you have a substance abuse problem. Whether you're a drug addict, or alcoholic, sometimes verbalizing it can still be hard, especially around people you're not that close with.

This is when you have to "embrace the suck". This is a new term I've been hearing on these new survival shows on National Geographic. I love it and think it applies to all forms of sobriety and recovery. After all, those first few months can be really hard and you really are in a survival situation. In some cases, the stakes could mean life or death. Embracing the suck means having the mental toughness to endure and persevere. Accept who you are, what you've been through, and where you're going. Do not be ashamed of your sobriety. Going through recovery takes a lot of heart and bravery.

Not Lame

Some addicts will not even begin to consider going through recovery because of this preconception that sober people are lame and boring to be around. Like non-drinkers are just vacuums that suck all of the fun out of the air. This way of thinking is so wrong that it makes my head spin. Your life is only as exciting as you make it and I really doubt you'd want to be drunk, or stoned, hiking around on a volcano.

Even if you're not living in a fantasy land of getting wasted and using other people for their money and resources, wouldn't you rather be known as that constantly boring person rather than the town drunk? I know I would. Getting sober means that you also respect yourself a lot more and you care about your health. This is far from being lame. Most every world class athlete lives by the mantra of treating their body like their temple. That's how they make a living so being an addict just doesn't fit in their decision making process. Would you consider this group of people lame?

What we're trying to say is that there is no shame in being sober. You should not have any fear of letting people know that you chose sobriety, and life, over drugs and an addiction. Being open about your sobriety is therapeutic and good for your recovery. Try it and you'll be able to see for yourself.


Sharing your sobriety is inspirational. It can be just as big of an accomplishment as climbing a tall mountain. Giving up your substance abuse is challenging and a lot like climbing a big mountain. There will be times where you're really scared and you'll feel like you cannot make the jump. But then you take that leap of faith, and land perfectly on the other side with a huge sense of accomplishment. Your amazing and inspiring journey just might be what someone else needs to get them started on their own personal journey back to sobriety.

Holistic Drug Rehab Raleigh NC Treatment Center

At our facility for alcohol and drug rehab Raleigh NC center, we feel that it's important for recovering addicts to deliver a positive message to the world that sobriety is amazing and attainable with hard work and the will to succeed. If you need to find your way back to this path, give us a call today. We're ready to help you, if you're ready to help yourself.

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